We released Wrike Reports back in November 2015, providing an easy-to-use reporting engine giving you the ability to create custom reports that deliver crucial insight. As we continue to invest in Reports we are excited to share our latest functionality: Wrike Reports snapshots!

The Ability to Share Insights When It Matters Most

You'll be delighted to try snapshots, especially if you've ever created a Wrike Report and wished there were an easier way to share that visibility with your execs and other cross-functional teams. This will ensure your teams are using consistent data while providing key stakeholders with the insights they need to run the business.

Some of the most commonly created reports that you can now share using Reports snapshots:

  • Weekly Status Update: Help others understand the number and status of your team's projects, listed by owner
  • Team Performance: Compare the performance of individuals by key metrics
  • Activity Reports: Share how and how often a team is actively using Wrike
  • Accomplishments: Report on the work completed in the last week, month, or quarter

How to Create Wrike Reports Snapshots

Navigate to the Reports tab on the left column to build a new report, or access one previously created. If you need a quick refresher on how to create Wrike Reports, the Help Center has a complete step-by-step tutorial. Once you arrive at your Report results:

  1. Select the button at the top right corner of your Report results called Snapshots.
  2. From there, choose Create New Snapshot and a second box will appear so you can name and then share the URL. It's that easy!

You have the option to open the Snapshot in a new tab or close the box. Snapshots are stored for quick future access via the Snapshot List button.

Wrike Reports snapshot save URL window. Create Wrike Reports and share easily.

Ready to Try Out Reports Snapshots?

Wrike’s real-time reporting is available to all Wrike Enterprise customers. Whether you’re an expert or you’ve never touched Wrike at all, you can try out Reports for your team right now by starting a free trial of Wrike Enterprise. We are always eager to hear your feedback — please leave your thoughts in the comments.

*Reports snapshots are currently available on the desktop version of Wrike only.