The SXSW Conference & Festivals took place in Austin from March 11-20, 2022. It proved to be a fantastic opportunity for digital creatives to come together in person and encounter cutting-edge ideas in innovation, connectivity, and inclusivity. 

From enjoying Lizzo’s powerful keynote to learning about collaboration and inclusivity in the future of work, Wrike was excited to participate in this seminal event to highlight our contribution to collaboration, creativity, and productivity at work. Here are our top highlights from our time at SXSW 2022. 

1. Teams are ready to streamline their digital workspace 

We were thrilled to welcome attendees to our booth at the Creative Industries Expo at SXSW to show teams how they could minimize tedious admin tasks, streamline operations, and refocus on creativity at work.

Our onsite team provided customized demos of the Wrike platform to attendees, including specific use cases for creative and marketing teams. We also enjoyed chatting with attendees about the benefits of streamlining creative workflows with our powerful, built-in management tools and templates. 

2. Launching our latest customer success story 

While in Austin, it seemed fitting to highlight our latest customer success story featuring the professional American Major League Baseball club, the Texas Rangers. What better place to showcase one of our latest Texan customers than at Texas’ most prominent annual event! 

With 300 employees and 15 different departments, the Texas Rangers realized the urgent need for a unified, digital work solution to establish clear workflow processes. Wrike enabled the Texas Rangers to standardize and organize their workflow intake, simplify time-consuming review and approval processes, and maintain real-time visibility into projects through accessible dashboards and tasks that could be shared across the entire organization. Enjoy their whole story here

We were excited to share this unique customer success story that resonated with locals, sports fans, and creative teams alike. 


3. Cementing that Wrike is the perfect fit for marketers and creatives 

Wrike makes it possible for individuals, teams, and organizations to work with purpose every day, bring any idea to life, and exceed stakeholder and client expectations. At SXSW, this became even clearer when we spoke to marketing, brand, design, agency, and creative professionals. 

Wrike’s collaborative work management platform allows high-performance marketing teams in any industry to streamline and centralize work, strengthen collaboration, refine processes, and enhance visibility.

Wrike can support creative teams with the following use cases: 

  • Design and creative workflows
  • Digital and creative asset management
  • Marketing campaign management 
  • Marketing operations management 
  • Marketing performance insights
  • Formal proofing and approval processes
  • Work intake management

4. Discovering key takeaways on the future of work 

One of our favorite moments of the event was attending author, speaker, and data journalist Alexandra Samuel’s session: “Remote Inc: How to Thrive at Work Wherever You Are.”

There are endless conversations around "work from home" and "remote work," but we learned it’s no longer about figuring out your home office set-up or battling Zoom fatigue. It's now about accommodation and adaptation. 

  • Accommodation: If companies truly embrace flexible work, they must accommodate all kinds of working styles. In this competitive workforce, employers can't spend all their resources on perks to lure workers back to the office, as it’s no longer aligned with how everyone prefers to work. 
  • Adaptation: Even fully remote employees need socialization and texture in their workdays. Employers need to trust their employees to manage their workloads in a way that makes them successful. Replicating “break room time” and movement like walks between meetings and social lunches is vital to keeping remote employees balanced and focused. 

5. Making time for fun 

At Wrike, we believe in working hard and playing harder. We were thrilled to welcome numerous Wrike customers and fans to our exclusive Happy Hour event, where we enjoyed great food, drinks, and even better company. 

We also enjoyed engaging conference attendees with a special appearance by portrait artist Napkin Killa. If you were lucky enough to get a napkin portrait at the event, we would love to see it on social media! You can tag us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn

Teams choose Wrike for outstanding work management

Our biggest takeaway from SXSW 2022 is that teams across industries and disciplines are ready for a powerful work management platform to simplify work, streamline processes, enable greater collaboration, and allow more space for innovation and creativity. 

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