App Integration

Collect website feedback with screenshots and technical meta-data, directly in Wrike.
<p> App Integration</p>


Get feedback with screenshots and technical metadata directly into Wrike is the best way for agencies and product teams to collect developer-friendly feedback from colleagues and clients, without driving developers crazy.
Say goodbye to messy emails and spreadsheets. With, your clients and colleagues can submit their feedback and bug reports directly to your website.

The feedback widget automatically captures a screenshot that your reporter can annotate to get their point across.

All issues are sent to your favorite Wrike project, with all the technical data needed by developers to understand and reproduce lissues.

Thanks to our 2-way sync integrations, you can chat and notify status changes to your clients without ever leaving Wrike.

3 key features

Website widget

Your clients and colleagues don't need to install anything to send feedback and bug reports. All feedback will include a screenshot of the page that reporters can annotate directly on your site.

2-way sync with Wrike

Collect website bug reports directly in Wrike and notify reporters as soon as your team closes an issue.

Technical metadata

All issues come with useful developer-friendly data like the page URL, browser version, screen size and more. Client-side errors and logs in the console are also automatically recorded and added to your issues.