Office Timeline Project Management Integration

With Office Timeline, Wrike users can browse their Projects within Microsoft PowerPoint and instantly generate impressive visuals for important communications.

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Enhance your presentations by bringing Wrike Projects into PowerPoint

Powerful: Save time by instantly transforming Wrike Projects and Tasks into Gantt charts and timelines for your presentations. Familiar: Create and customize them to your needs, right from Microsoft PowerPoint. Impactful: Make compelling visual representations of your project plans that make your presentations stand out with managers and clients.


  • Microsoft Windows Vista or later and Microsoft Office 2007 or later.
  • An Office Timeline Plus subscription.
  • A paid Wrike account

How to use it now

Download and install Office Timeline.

Open Microsoft PowerPoint and navigate to the Office Timeline tab.

Click New, then "Import from Wrike" to create a PowerPoint Gantt chart or timeline.


The Wrike integration for Office Timeline is an integration that allows you to turn Wrike data, like Gantt charts, into attractive PowerPoint graphics that provide a high-level overview of project road maps and timelines.
The Wrike Office Timeline integration can benefit any team that needs to adapt their project data into flexible visuals and informational graphics for stakeholders such as exec teams and clients.
First, download and install Office Timeline. Open Microsoft PowerPoint and select the “Office Timeline” tab. Click “new” and then “import from Wrike” to select the project you’d like to turn into a timeline.
To use the Wrike Office Timeline integration, make sure you have an Office Timeline Plus subscription and a paid Wrike subscription.