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Wrike turned out to be exactly what we needed - a simple and elegant tool that is not overloaded with features and saves us precious time." - Nick Borders, director of digital development, Entercom.

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Published by Emily Bonnie | Monday, 28 July, 2014
You’ve seen the headlines on wildly successful crowdfunding projects: the Pebble watches, the Reading Rainbows, even potato salad projects that take off and raise support beyond the creators’ wildest dreams. This success may look like a stroke of genius, a million dollar grassroots movement, or pure insane luck. But crowdfunding success doesn’t happen by accident (well, usually). Look past the headlines and quirky success stories, and you’ll see a few common threads strategically woven through successful campaigns.  Read more...
Published by Lionel Valdellon | Friday, 18 July, 2014
Searching for tasks, folders, and attachments in Wrike is already pretty easy: type in the keywords, use a few advanced operators to fine-tune the search, and filter the results to get exactly what you need. As you may know, recently we also added an ability to search for content within a specific date range, and here comes another improvement: Now you can search for tasks that are assigned to or created by anyone from a particular user group.  Read more...
Published by Tim Chingos | Wednesday, 09 July, 2014
Wrike tasks pack a lot of punch. Ideas about how an action item can be captured and executed are possible with fields for everything from duration and due date to task importance. However, the real magic lives in the feature-packed task description section. Because the task description works like word processing software, content marketing teams around the world are leveraging task descriptions to draft, edit, and update their writing on a daily basis. Here are 6 tips to improve your content collaboration efforts.
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Published by Lionel Valdellon | Friday, 27 June, 2014
Monash Motorsport (MMS) is a non-profit student organization hailing from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, where students band together to design, manufacture, test, market, and race their own Formula-style race car. How do they do that? Read on. Read more...
Published by Lionel Valdellon | Thursday, 26 June, 2014
With the advent of cloud services and the widespread availability of high-speed internet around the world, it’s becoming more and more common for organizations to have teams made up of people in different countries, working remotely from one another, using technology to collaborate efficiently despite the distance.  

From the very start, Wrike has functioned as a cross-cultural team, and we’ve found ways to work efficiently with colleagues in different countries and cultures. We like to think we’ve made it work, though there is always room to grow. So we’ve put together our five strategies for managing cross-cultural teamsRead more...
Published by Emily Bonnie | Tuesday, 24 June, 2014
The way we work is rapidly evolving. Mobile technology and cloud services make distance meaningless — it’s easier than ever to connect with colleagues around the world and access work from any device, anywhere. But achieving fruitful collaboration with distributed teams is still fraught with challenges.  
If you're using Wrike to deal with remote teams, then we have 5 simple tips that can help optimize the situation and overcome the obstacles faced in remote work.
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Published by Tom Treanor | Thursday, 19 June, 2014
Marketing teams are under a lot of pressure to deliver. They are often under-staffed, expected to have delivered everything “yesterday," and need to be up on the latest tools and technologies. They may be virtual teams (sometimes in multiple geographies) and will usually work with outside consultants, designers or agencies. They need to keep pump a steady stream of qualified leads into the sales funnel while innovating in both earned and paid media. Here’s how I’ve structured the collaboration and workflow approach for my marketing team. Read more...
Published by Emily Bonnie | Thursday, 12 June, 2014
On June 4th, we presented the latest webinar in our "How-to” series, which highlights specific Wrike features to help you master the tool and become a productivity pro. This month, we covered one of the most popular topics in our support chats: selective sharing in Wrike. If you missed the live presentation (or if you’d like to refresh your memory), you can now catch the webinar recording right here. Read more...
Published by Lionel Valdellon | Thursday, 05 June, 2014
Ever receive a comment on a Wrike task and wonder: "Who is this person? Which department is he in?" Clicking on the user's name gives you a popup showing the user's full name, email address, and enlarged photo. Now, you can gather even more info with our enhanced User Business Cards so you know exactly who you're working withRead more...
Published by Ashley | Thursday, 08 May, 2014
We always try to make your collaboration within team, across departments and with partners even quicker, smoother, and more efficient. Based on feedback from many of you, we added a great new feature that allows any user to immediately add new members to your Wrike account in an easy and secure way. These new user privileges will make it much easier to involve new people and let them get started with Wrike right away.
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