Window Nation Relies on Wrike’s Work Intelligence®  to Power Project Management

June 20, 2024

Wrike’s AI features help creative department improve productivity and prioritize high-impact work

SAN DIEGO, Calif., June 20, 2024 - Wrike, the most intelligent work management platform, today announced that Window Nation, one of the leading suppliers of replacement windows and doors, has chosen Wrike to improve project organization, collaboration, and task management across its creative department. Introducing Wrike and its Work Intelligence solution, including AI-recommended tasks and generative AI, has allowed the organization to complete projects more quickly and accurately, resulting in a positive impact on Window Nation’s bottom line. 

“Business leaders across all industries are actively working to improve efficiency, but 42% don’t have visibility into the work taking place across their teams,” says Alexey Korotich, CPO at Wrike. “Window Nation is a great example of how implementing a solid foundation for work management can eliminate a lot of the administrative challenges teams face, and pave the way to introduce more advanced time-saving solutions that unlock the transformative power of AI.” 

Window Nation previously relied on ad hoc tools to manage tasks and projects. This made it difficult to anticipate how long team members needed to complete their work, organize project details, and monitor progress. Now, Window Nation’s creative department has been able to better track its work, capture details in a single place, and capitalize on the visibility Wrike provides into project progress. It has also tackled more general communication challenges with the help of contextual collaboration and digital proofing to foster a more collaborative environment. 

“We now have a unified platform where all project-related information, tasks, deadlines, and communications are consolidated,” said De Lisa Patterson, Creative Director, Window Nation. “This centralized approach has vastly improved the team’s ability to stay organized, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and aware of their responsibilities.”

As soon as the team was able to visualize work in a single source of truth, Patterson turned to Wrike’s innovative Work Intelligence solution to further improve her team’s efficiency. 

“Recognizing the potential of artificial intelligence to automate repetitive tasks, I took the initiative to explore Wrike’s AI capabilities and integrate them into our workflow,” Patterson says. “I use the smart suggestions feature to automatically organize projects based on selected criteria such as status, priority, or deadline, and GenAI features to advance production of assets for campaigns we need to run at scale. The result was significant savings in time and effort for our team, as well as increased consistency and accuracy in project management across the board.”

Wrike’s AI features like smart suggestions, intelligent search, and generative AI allow teams to focus on more high-value work: 

  • Smart suggestions: By detecting patterns in user actions, Wrike will proactively make helpful suggestions to users, such as automating repeatable items, starting an approval, and adding actionable subitems.
  • Intelligent search: Using natural language support, Wrike will quickly search and find items, assets, tools, help articles, templates, and more in a way that users are familiar with, similar to their favorite search engines.
  • Generative AI: Wrike will generate digest summaries across work items to surface the most important information for users to focus on; generate briefs, plans, and brainstormed ideas effortlessly; and construct on-message descriptions from scratch, tailoring them to match brand and personal voice.

The creative department is able to complete work quicker and more efficiently to achieve project milestones ahead of schedule. 

Patterson says: “Wrike’s AI features have become indispensable in my daily workflow, enabling me to accomplish more in less time and with greater accuracy.”

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