Toronto, Canada
Non-profit organization
Departments Using Wrike
Operations, C-Suite
Feature Highlights
Workflows, Email integration
Top Challenges
No collaboration, no tracking or insight into the organization's workflow or projects, no status updates on projects
Why Wrike
The ability to share project-related data and have oversight of the entire team's workflow

Absolute.org — non-profit organization, engages hundreds of thousands of students through school programs and humanitarian relief work.

Their story

They were looking for an intuitive system to manage projects virtually.

This charitable non-profit organization began their search for a project management software when they realized they needed a tool to collaboratively manage their tasks and workflow. They had great systems in place to collaborate on content (Confluence wiki) and sales (Salesforce CRM), but no tool to help with the organization and management of projects and tasks - those were managed ad-hoc through email or verbal communication. This, of course, provided no collaboration, tracking, or insight into the organization's workflow or projects, and it resulted in numerous unfinished or lost tasks. They reviewed, researched, and tested many other tools, including JIRA issue tracker. "It is amazing software and very powerful, too, but it was oriented to software development and a little slow to use, so it was not adopted by our largely non-technical staff," says Ryan Wood, COO at Absolute. "Then, during my research, I came across a blog post about 'best of breed' Web 2.0 tools. This is how I arrived at Wrike."

I'd say the biggest benefit of Wrike is the ability to share project-related data and have oversight of the entire team's workflow. As the most experienced user, I feel that Wrike has helped me become 75% more organized in managing my work and in tracking delegated tasks.

Their victory

Wrike's task management solution solidifies a way to track projects and communicate effectively.

There are about 18 people that use Wrike in their organization today, and half of their users are typically in different locations. Wrike gives the team a shared system to track and manage tasks. All project schedules are always up-to-date because the changes made by other team members are seen in real time. Now all team members have an updated view of every project and the latest updates, no matter where they're at.

Their superpowers

Seamless email integration

Wrike's smart email integration allows them to boost team communications and easily attach important documents to their project plans. Being able to create tasks by simply forwarding a project-related email to Wrike saves the team lot of time. Wrike's email notification system helps keep everyone in the loop. Fewer tasks are lost, and items are completed on time.

Workflow flexibility

This capability helps the team organize their projects any way they wish. They work with a variety of workflows, so having a system that can keep up with everyone's individual workflows and find a way to organize it all in one platform has helped Wood and his team work more efficiently.

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<p>Find out how Wrike can help your business</p>
<p>Find out how Wrike can help your business</p>