Exhibit D
Professional Services Packages for Add-Ons

Last Update: March 14, 2024. Wrike, Inc.


A. Add-Ons:

The Professional Services Packages for Add-Ons (each, an “Enhanced Package” or collectively, the “Enhanced Packages”) provide Customer with best practice guidance and onboarding for licensed premium add-on features of the Wrike Service (“Add-on Feature”). These Enhanced Packages may be purchased in conjunction with a Professional Services Deployment Package purchased for the onboarding and deployment of the Wrike Service, referenced in Exhibit B or separate Statement of Work, or as standalone engagements associated with the Add-on Feature only. These Enhanced Packages will be delivered concurrently in cases where Customer has purchased more than one package (Deployment Package and/or Enhanced Packages). All Enhanced Package sessions are delivered remotely and address only the specific features applicable to the specific Add-on Feature with the associated Enhanced Package. In cases where multiple Professional Services packages are purchased simultaneously, the longest timeline for Engagement (or Deployment) will prevail as the timeframe for all service delivery.

B. Deployment of Add-Ons:

Wrike Professional Services utilizes a coaching model to assist with the onboarding and deployment of the Add-on Feature (“Deployment”). Through a series of steps (outlined below), Wrike will guide the Customer Deployment Team (defined below) through the onboarding process so Customer’s Deployment Team may learn to use and configure the Add-on Feature and drive internal adoption.


To support Wrike’s collaborative Deployment of the Enhanced Package, Wrike expects that Customer’s personnel are identified and made available to collaborate with their Wrike counterparts throughout the Deployment. Below is a breakdown of the roles and responsibilities of each Party during the Deployment.

A. Customer Personnel

  1. Deployment Lead: Customer’s project leader and point of contact for communications with the Wrike team, coordination and facilitation of meetings, and deployment of the appropriate Customer’s personnel.
  2. Sponsor: Person(s) with authority to clarify project need, identify participants, and act as point of escalation, as needed.
  3. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs): Customer resources whom the Deployment Team can consult with to understand organizational structure and processes at a detailed level.
  4. Deployment Team: Consists of the Deployment Lead, Sponsor(s), Subject Matter Experts, and team leaders and department heads that have the proper authority and knowledge to define Customer’s workflow(s) and processes. The Deployment Team will work with the Professional Services Consultant to map and refine Customer’s processes and translate them into Wrike.
  5. User: An individual who is authorized to use or access the Service and who has been supplied an identification and password by Customer or at Customer’s direction.
  6. Admin User: An individual who is authorized to use or access the Service and who has been supplied an identification and password by Customer or at Customer’s direction and has additionally been granted administrative rights within the Service.
  7. Resource Managers: Person(s) who will be trained on Wrike Resource. These individuals should be limited only to those responsible for assignment of work within Wrike based on resourcing and bandwidth considerations. (Applicable for Wrike for Professional Services or Wrike Resource Add-On Packages only).
  8. Analyze Trainees:Wrike User(s) who have been identified by Sponsor as designated Wrike Analyze trainees and will be responsible for completing the required exercises during the training. (Applicable for Wrike Analyze Enablement Training Package only.)
  9. Business Analyst: An individual who will be taking the Wrike Analyze Silver Certification and certified to be primary contact to manage, maintain and build additional widgets and boards using Wrike Analyze in the customer environment after the deployment. (Applicable for Wrike Analyze Standard Package only)

B. Wrike Personnel

Professional Services Consultant: Designated point of contact throughout the Deployment, responsible for delivering Wrike’s portion of the Deployment activities. The Wrike attendee for all applicable sessions shall be the Professional Services Consultant.


A. Wrike Analyze Standard Package

If purchased, the Enhanced Package for Wrike Analyze includes:

Wrike Analyze Standard Package

Maximum Number of Remote Sessions6 (Six) Sessions
Maximum Number of Hours*7 (Seven) Hours
Maximum Number of Onsite DaysNone / Not applicable
Maximum Number of Certifications1 (One) Certification
Maximum Number of Attendees per Session5 (Five) Attendees
Maximum Number of Boards Built1 (One) Board
Timeline for DeploymentKickoff must start within 70 (seventy) days of Customer’s purchase if purchased at the same time as the main deployment in Exhibit B or separate Statement of Work (otherwise shall be started within thirty (30) days of purchase); Deployment activities will expire 105 days (one hundred five) days later

*NOTE: The maximum number of hours referenced above is for Customer-facing hours only and do not include Wrike time spent preparing for or following up with Customer nor does It include the time allotted for the self-paced certification training referenced below.

  1. Scope Overview:
    1. In Scope: The scope of the Wrike Analyze—Standard Package is limited to enablement, training and dashboard creation services for the Wrike Analyze product feature (Wrike Analyze only being available to Wrike Pinnacle subscriptions). Wrike Personnel shall leverage either Customer’s Wrike environment or a pre-configured Wrike environment for training, enablement and dashboard creation purposes. The Parties will discuss how Wrike Analyze will be leveraged in the Customer environment by working through the following activities through the Wrike Analyze Standard Package:
      1. Review of generalized Wrike data structure and architecture in relation to Wrike Analyze capabilities;
      2. Access for 1 (one) User to complete the self-paced Wrike Analyze Silver Certification on Discover;
      3. Review of high level Wrike Analyze concepts and addressing any questions after completion of certification;
      4. Discussion of applicable use cases for Customer-specific subscription configuration; and
      5. Hands-on walkthrough of dashboard creation by Wrike and Customer attendees, including a follow up with Customer post-Deployment to address final questions (if any).
    2. Out of Scope:
      1. Integrations with other systems and Customer’s third-party partners, including but not limited to, importing/exporting to/from other systems;
      2. Providing any Wrike Analyze training other than providing Customer access to the self-paced Wrike Analyze Silver Certification on Discover;
      3. Delivering any services after the maximum number of Customer-facing hours have been expended or after the project delivery deadline has passed, unless extended through a Change Order signed between Parties; and
      4. Dashboard creation and/or walkthrough services in excess of one (1) Board using Wrike Analyze, unless Customer’s needs result in a complex board that requires an excess of 7 hours for the activities outlined in scope, to which case additional hours may be purchased via separate Order Form.


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