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How Leading Companies Use Automation to Accelerate Remote Work Management

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It seems like overnight, companies all over the world have been thrust into a new remote work reality. Suddenly, they not only have to juggle complex, multilayered projects but have to do it with geographically dispersed teams. And as if that wasn’t enough, experts say that this is likely a total paradigm shift: remote work is here to stay. Many companies view automation as the best way to tackle this monumental change. But the truth is they must find the right solutions before it can truly be effective. For automation to help any organization uplevel, visibility and consistency must come first. With that in mind, here’s a detailed look at how leading global brands build visibility and consistency so they can maximize the benefit of automation.
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What’s in the eBook

  • 4 of the most common myths about automation
  • 5 ways automation can benefit your business
  • 3 keys to making automation work
  • Specific ways Airbnb, Esurance, Unbounce, and BMind automate their work with Wrike