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Snapshot of Work-Life Balance Realities: Wrike's New, Fascinating Infographic

Published by Nadia   |  Wednesday, 19 December, 2012
How often do you stay late in the office in order to get that last task completed? If you work extra hours at least sometimes, you’re not alone. Moreover, as our recent survey revealed, the majority is with you!

Thanks to your valuable input, we gathered feedback on working habits and productivity from nearly 2,000 respondents. One of the most interesting things that we discovered is that as many as 87 percent of business owners, executives, managers, team members and freelancers overwork.

Here’s a digest of our survey’s other fascinating findings:

Overworked, but not overloaded

When we asked our respondents how much they overwork, the most popular answer (chosen by almost 40 percent) turned out to be 5+ hours weekly.

wrike overworking time

However surprising it may sound, working extra hours seems to be generally taken quite lightly, as almost 38 percent of those who overwork say they are absolutely satisfied with their work-life balance. 

wrike work-life balance realities

If we take a look at all the surveyed people, both those who overwork and those who don’t, just 11.5 percent said they feel overloaded rather often. The rest of the respondents seem to have found a work management secret that keeps them protected from the stress of overload.

wrike overworking by job position

It's worth mentioning that this “happiness rate” seems to correlate with the respondent’s job position. Among team members, it’s more than half who don’t feel stressed with work at all. For business owners, the share is less than a third.  It looks like with great responsibility comes greater stress. 

When productivity peaks

Despite different responsibilities, our respondents across various organizational levels have some common things in their work styles. For example, 64% feel the most productive in the morning hours. Unexpected, but true - even freelancers, who often have a totally flexible schedule, voted the same as the majority.

wrike productivity peaks

We also compared groups to find out who feels more overloaded – the “early birds” or the “night owls” - and we discovered that the share of stressed workers is much higher among the latter. Almost 27% of “night owls” admitted to feeling overworked quite often, while just 10% of early birds share this stress.

Productivity catalysts vs. Productivity killers

Increasing productivity requires some extra motivation. What are those factors that drive us the most at work? According to our survey results, the three leading efficiency motivators:
  • sense of responsibility 
  • good mood
  • possible reward.

Being on a deadline is often considered to be a stress factor. However, more than 54.6 percent of our respondents find deadlines inspiring for their productivity. Perhaps because they help to beat procrastination, which, along with unexpected interruptions, was listed as one of the most dangerous productivity killers. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to stats. To catch the whole picture of the survey results at a glance, check out our new infographic with the rest of our fascinating findings. And don’t forget to share it with your colleagues!

wrike overworking infographic

Last, but not least: Thanks to your very active participation, this survey turned out to be a blast! We really appreciate your input and, as we promised, we did a drawing of 10 stylish Coffee Joulies among everyone who took part in the survey.

Congrats to the lucky winners: Jerry Schmidt (CivicPlus), Ayana Hastings (EmbanetCompass), Steve Fishman (Volunteers of America Michigan, Inc.), Wally Arms (Crescent Inc.), Pascal Condouret (Royal Canin), Noah Sodano (Propaganda Labs), Colleen Fyfe (PARMA Recordings), Spenser Baldwin (Snap Agency) and two winners who asked us to keep their names private. Wrike’s Santa is already on the way with the prizes!

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