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Last update: April, 2017. Wrike, Inc.

1. Introduction 

This Jumpstart Statement of Work ("SOW") is incorporated into the SAAS Subscription Agreement (the "Agreement") between Wrike, Inc. ("Wrike") and Customer, dated Effective Date of the Agreement. If any terms of this SOW conflict with the Agreement, the Agreement's terms and conditions shall control.

2. Scope of Work and Timeframes

Wrike will implement the Jumpstart deployment methodology (below). The Planned Start Date must be within ten (10) consecutive days from the signature date of the Agreement. The Professional Services will be deemed delivered within thirty (30) consecutive days of the Effective Date of the Agreement.  The Wrike Jumpstart approach is summarized below.

Wrike Consulting offers a structured consultation process to get your team on the fast track to collaborative success. At the end of this process, you will have a ready-to-launch workspace that your team can use to collaborate efficiently and effectively.

The deployment process

Objective: To help you, the project leader, build an intuitive workspace for your team/organization.

Session 1: Kickoff & Use-Case Analysis
The kick-off session covers the deployment scope and sets expectations, with a use-case analysis unpacking all that's needed for a successful deployment of Wrike. A Wrike workspace health check up and the creation of your initial folder structure will ensure the deployment jumps into gear!  
Session Time: 60 Minutes
Session 2: Process Mapping + Change Management
This session covers how work is initiated in Wrike, focusing on mapping key repeatable processes, creating customized templates and demonstrating best practices when setting up bespoke projects or using request forms. Thought leadership in how to navigate change and drive adoption is presented.
Session Time: 60 Minutes
Session 3: Training
The goal is to make all users comfortable and confident in how their work is now initiated, performed and completed in Wrike. Your Wrike Consultant will be responsible for showcasing functionality that is applicable to user's day to day inside of Wrike.
Session Time: 60 Minutes

3. Project Assumptions

  1. Customer will provide access to subject matter experts and decision makers to provide critical path project decisions in a commercially reasonable and timely manner. If input is not provided in a timely manner, a change order for material project impacts will be submitted to Customer.
  2. The staffing for this project will occur upon the signing of the Agreement. Before the acceptance of the Agreement, no staffing will be scheduled or allocated.
  3. Project milestones will be based on availability of Customer resources and key decision makers. Lack of access to the project stakeholders can impact project timelines and cost.
  4. The Planned Start Date must be within ten (10) consecutive days from the signature date of the Agreement. This advanced notice is needed to provide Wrike with enough time to allocate appropriate resources to start the project on time.
  5. Delays resulting from Customer’s inability to meet the foregoing project assumptions will be defined as “Project Delays.” Professional Services that are not delivered within thirty (30) consecutive days of the Agreement Effective Date as a result of Project Delays will be deemed delivered.

4. Pricing & Acceptance

Wrike is pleased to present this proposal for this project that includes the scope of work defined in this document.

4.1.  Pricing

The fee for this engagement is listed in the Agreement.

4.2.  Expenses

Wrike does not foresee expenses for this Jumpstart. However, should the need for expenses arise, Wrike will first receive written consent and then bill Customer for actual expenses arising from this effort.

4.3. Acceptance

By signing the Agreement Customer certifies that Customer has reviewed this SOW and agrees to be bound by terms and conditions laid herein.