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The Complete Guide To Building Operational Excellence in Creative Teams

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The Route to Excellence: Follow in the Footsteps of Today's Top Creative Teams

A new generation of high-performing creative teams is transforming industries by delivering a whole new level of quality and consistency. After working with more than 15,000 of the world’s most innovative companies, we've found that leading teams continually invest in their workflows, optimizing them wherever possible. In fact, it’s the investment in these specific areas that separates successful organizations from those that fail. By using the insights contained in this manual, you'll be able to transform your creative team into a high-octane powerhouse!
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  • The four disciplines that propel creative teams forward
  • The four-stage maturation model for achieving Operational Excellence
  • Checklists to ensure your creative team is operating at maximum productivity
  • Best practices culled from 15,000 leading companies