Wrike as online bugtracking software: Part I. How to create a new task via e-mail and attach a screenshot to it

The power of Wrike lies in its agility. You can manage your next hiking trips with your friends there. But we can’t do that at the moment, all we have had in our minds is developing the best collaborative planning tool in the world. We are content with using Wrike as a tool to make our dream alive; and since bugs lie on the path to our dream, we use Wrike as a tool to help us fix them. Tracking bugs with Wrike is pretty simple.

Whenever I see something I don't like on the screen, I:

• create an e-mail addressed to the developer;
• put wrike(at)wrike.com in CC (you can put it into To or BCC if you like that better);
• describe the bug in the subject filed (it will go into task name);
• put [FolderName] in the beginning of the subject (in this case it would be [P1], [P2], [P3], [P4], [P5] or maybe even [Wrike suggestions]);
• take a screenshot by pressing Alt+'PrtScr' and paste it into my mail client.

The developer will receive the task, which is logged into Wrike so he can't forget about it. I am calm and relaxed, because I know that and I can always check the status of bugs at www.wrike.com. Then, when the developer fixes the bug and marks it as complete in Wrike, I will receive notification.
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