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How the digital revolution is shaping the modern workplace: Digital Work Report 2018

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Technology is upending business in ways we could barely imagine 10 years ago

Digitally-oriented companies of all sizes are redefining competitive landscapes and transforming how we think about work. Many are creating new markets.
Wrike is interested in how these changes affect teams and individual employees. We talked to thousands of employees and managers in France, Germany, and the UK to see how they feel about digital work. We’ve gathered the most interesting and unexpected findings in this report, including significant disparities between demographic groups. We hope our research and findings help you better understand how the digital revolution is shaping the modern workplace.
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  • Why companies need to work on operational efficiency
  • What non-managers think about change management
  • What prevents teams from flawless execution
  • How automation empowers employees
  • How efficient operations affect employee retention