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Brian Lam

Marketing Project Manager

Kate Chalmers

Director of Marketing Operations

Hootsuite — social media management system for brand management headquartered in Vancouver, Canada

Their story

Quality of work suffered and project visibility was poor while efforts were focused on managing a high volume of tasks

Hootsuite is the most widely used social media platform with over 10 million customers in 175 countries around the world. As the growth of customers and marketing assets began to rapidly increase, the marketing operations team at Hootsuite had to figure out a way to manage the flow of tasks. Task volume quickly became their biggest challenge as it grew harder to track progress and communicate across a number of different spreadsheets and platforms. Since each department used tools differently, it became difficult to find the right data. "We had no way to pull reports, so there was no way of knowing how many projects we were doing, who we were doing them for, or how long it was taking us," says Kate Chalmers, Director of Marketing Operations.

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One of our core values here at Hootsuite is to find a better way, and Wrike helps us do that.

Brian Lam

Marketing Project Manager

Without a way to manage the tasks, the quality of work began to suffer because of poor task management. "Because of the volume of projects, we were not able to spend as much time on the high value projects as we desired" says Brian Lam, Marketing Project Manager.

Resources were also difficult to track. With little to no visibility into projects, resources were wasted and efforts sometimes duplicated which was very time consuming. Productivity began suffering and the marketing ops team began to look into new tools to improve their work management.

I think it's amazing to be able to have a tool that helps us collaborate, and to be surrounded by people that have the same vision and really want to get everything done, and done beautifully.

Brian Lam

Marketing Project Manager

Their victory

Wrike's ability to provide transparency to stakeholders and prioritize tasks helps management report on productivity levels

Wrike provided a centralized location to handle the large volume of tasks and report on productivity. "Without Wrike, it becomes threads and threads of emails," says Lam, "sometimes you might have 5 or 6 threads of emails about the same project. With Wrike, we have a central location for the stakeholders and all the content creators to communicate; work out the timeline, content, design, or copy issues together." With this centralized tool, the marketing ops team can compare quarterly reports and track productivity over time. "We've got a specific structure that we've set up in Wrike so we can look at our campaigns and releases by quarter, and compare quarter over quarter what we're doing," says Chalmers, "I report quarterly to executives on how many projects we've done and how long it takes us to go to market. We're constantly wanting to make sure we're remaining stable or getting faster at what we do."

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Over 10 million customers in 175 countries use Hootsuite

The marketing ops team was not only able to provide visibility into their organization, but also organize and structure their workflow based on task priority. "Wrike helps us prioritize what's important and helps de-prioritize things that can be shelved for a later time when we have time to do it," says Lam.

Hootsuite used an upcoming email campaign as a project to implement Wrike. They used Wrike to help coordinate and manage the translation and design as well as help with the localization into different markets. With the help of Wrike, the campaign was launched on time to all of their customers, globally. "The campaign was very successful and we're very happy we used Wrike for it," says Chalmers.

Their superpowers

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Duplicating Tasks

Because several of the marketing ops tasks are recurring, such as sending out emails and campaigns, one of the most helpful tools in Wrike is the ability to duplicate tasks. Instead of starting from scratch every week, someone from the team just assigns a task and instantly duplicates it for the future. This helps save time and keep processes and requests consistent from week to week.

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Another feature the team uses everyday is the @mentions. Just like in social media, when you @mention someone they are instantly notified within the software and emailed. "I use this to follow up with people on specific tasks, statuses, and try and gauge where they're at. It's very useful in the sense that it sends them an email right away and we can quickly get a response and a status update that way," says Chalmers.

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Workload View

When Hootsuite receives requests for a high impact creative project, the marketing ops team uses the workload view to find the most available person to complete it on time. This level of visibility helps the team get work done faster, and prevents any individual from becoming overloaded and over stressed.

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