Rise above work complexity

Here's a glimpse of what you can expect from Collaborate 2022 on-demand.

<h5>Wrike essentials</h5>
Wrike essentials

Fun and pragmatic “how-to” sessions equip you to work smarter every day and manage work like a pro, both in how you work alone and with your teammates.

<h5>Latest and greatest</h5>
Latest and greatest

In this track, our session leads show you all the latest and most innovative ways our customers and industry experts are using the Wrike platform to work effortlessly using the most advanced features and capabilities.

<h5>Next-gen work management</h5>
Next-gen work management

The way teams work together will never be the same. Learn all about the work management challenges of today and how the biggest and brightest are using Wrike to focus on their most meaningful work.


<h5>Andrew Filev</h5>
Andrew Filev

Founder & CEO,

<h5>Alexey Korotich</h5>
Alexey Korotich

Vice President of Product,

<h5>Abhay Rajaram<br></h5>
Abhay Rajaram

Chief Operating Officer,

<h5>Esther Flammer</h5>
Esther Flammer

Chief Marketing Officer,

<h5>Brian Clark</h5>
Brian Clark

Chief Revenue Officer,

<h5>Erica Dhawan</h5>
Erica Dhawan

Collaboration and Connectional Intelligence Expert

<h5>James Clear</h5>
James Clear

Keynote Speaker, Habit Expert & Author

<h5>Sherrie Besecker</h5>
Sherrie Besecker

Creative Technology Manager,
Syneos Health

Build a better place to work

Enjoy hands-on product sessions and customer-led stories showcasing how teams are rising above work complexities to do their most meaningful work.

<p>About Collaborate</p>

About Collaborate

Collaborate is Wrike’s annual work management conference, designed to support teams to do their most purposeful work together. Join us for exclusive workplace insights and explore our brand new research into how poor work management is costing your organization millions.

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<p>The best part?</p>

The best part?

Collaborate 2022 is free, so don't miss your chance to be part of this exciting event.
<p>The best part?</p>

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