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¿Qué es PMBOK en gestión de proyectos?

PMBOK son las siglas de Project Management Body of Knowledge (cuerpo de conocimientos de la gestión de proyectos) y es la colección completa de procesos, prácticas recomendadas, terminologías y directrices que se acepta como estándar dentro del sector de la gestión de proyectos. Debido a que el cuerpo de conocimientos está en constante crecimiento a medida que los profesionales descubren nuevos métodos o prácticas recomendadas, debe actualizarse y difundirse. Este esfuerzo lo supervisa el Project Management Institute (PMI), la asociación internacional sin ánimo de lucro de profesionales de la gestión de proyectos que recopila y publica el PMBOK dentro del libro Guía del cuerpo de conocimientos de la gestión de proyectos (Guía del PMBOK). La primera edición de la Guía del PMBOK se publicó en 1996. Ya va por su quinta edición, que se publicó en 2013. Lee un análisis más detallado sobre el PMBOK.

What is the PMBOK methodology?

PMBOK is technically not a methodology but rather an industry framework that incorporates best practices in project management. It is often associated with the waterfall methodology, which aligns project stages in a sequential approach, but it is also compatible with newer methodologies such as Agile. The PMI does not advocate for any particular methodology as the processes of PMBOK can be tailored to suit a variety of project management situations — managers select what they need for their respective companies, teams, and projects.

What is the history of PMBOK?

The origins of PMBOK date back to 1969, when the PMI was founded with the aim of providing a forum for professionals to share information and discuss problems encountered in the project management field.

In 1984, the organization issued its first certification: the Project Management Professional (PMP). Forbes has described the PMP exam as “a crucial tool for prospective project managers to test and showcase their ability to perform their duties.” A PMBOK whitepaper was published in 1987, and an exposure draft of the PMBOK Guide followed in 1994.

What is the PMBOK Guide?

The PMBOK Guide is an instructional book that includes foundational standards, guidelines, and terminology to help industry professionals manage multiple projects. It breaks project management processes down into five PMBOK process groups, which can be incorporated into your choice of project methodology. The first edition of “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide)” was published by the PMI in 1996. It is now on its sixth edition, published in 2017, and is available in 12 languages.

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