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<h5>Exclusive insider tips</h5>
Exclusive insider tips

Get a glimpse of Wrike’s new request forms from our resident Wrike experts, Matt Allen and Ryan Candela. They will provide a step-by-step guide to creating request forms.

<h5>Latest and greatest</h5>
Latest and greatest

Hear unique, real-time perspectives from Matt and Ryan on Wrike’s new request forms, the new user interface, and how request forms serve as the backbone for many Wrike users.

<h5>Conversational bites</h5>
Conversational bites

Tune in weekly for snack-sized videos, audio, and demos to help you easily find additional value in the Wrike product. This week: Wrike’s new request form features!


<h5>Matt Allen</h5>
Matt Allen

Strategic Client Architect

Matt is a Strategic Client Architect at Wrike with 27 years of experience, specializing in IT architecture, service management, and product development. He drives Wrike's innovation in manufacturing, IT, and education.

<h5>Ryan Candela</h5>
Ryan Candela

Senior Solutions Consultant

Ryan excels at building complex solutions. With significant expertise in marketing, creative design, and project management, he caters specifically to these customers across the globe.

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<h5>Episode 1 — Automation</h5>
Episode 1 — Automation
<h5>Episode 2 — AI</h5>
Episode 2 — AI
<h5>Episode 3 — New Dashboards</h5>
Episode 3 — New Dashboards