Join us for this new and exciting webinar, where we’ll explore the numerous ways that Wrike can be configured to work your team’s preferred way while simplifying the user experience. Plus, we’ll introduce our newest feature — Custom Item Types!

You can look forward to:

<h5>Meet Custom Item Types</h5>
Meet Custom Item Types

Go beyond generic tasks and projects while tailoring work items however you need. With Wrike’s Custom Item Types, you can mirror your virtual workspace processes with existing terminology, behavior, and work styles.

<h5>Fast-track effortless work</h5>
Fast-track effortless work

Streamline both your team’s processes and work spaces using no-code automation, request forms, blueprints, and more. No other platform is better equipped to set your team up for success.

<h5>Score customer tips</h5>
Score customer tips

We’ll demonstrate the latest and most innovative ways Wrike customers are configuring our platform to better suit their team’s needs (and how you can, too).

Meet the speakers

<h5>Andrey Moskvin</h5>
Andrey Moskvin

Sr. PMM, Platform Marketing, Wrike
Andrey has spent 15+ years in the IT software industry, combining vast experience with multiple technologies and roles in presales, solution sales, and with partners. He’s now in charge of Wrike's Platform Marketing as part of the PMM team.

<h5>Ryan Candela</h5>
Ryan Candela

Senior Sales Engineer, Wrike
Ryan worked for 13 years in the document management industry as a Project Manager and Account Executive. In 2022, he joined Wrike as a Senior Sales Engineer, building complex demos and solutions. Ryan lives in CO with his family of five.

<p>Explore how Wrike adapts to the way you work</p>

Explore how Wrike adapts to the way you work

<p>Explore how Wrike adapts to the way you work</p>