Don’t miss this exciting thought leadership session with top marketers from Siemens and Wrike. Together, we’ll explore why Wrike is the best choice for Siemens, delivering a smooth, effective, and fully future-proofed project management solution.

You can look forward to:

<h5>Why Wrike is the right choice for&nbsp;Siemens</h5>
Why Wrike is the right choice for Siemens

Our experts look at the many reasons why Wrike was selected as the ideal project management solution for various departments in Siemens.

<h5>Implementation challenges and&nbsp;solutions</h5>
Implementation challenges and solutions

Any change brings challenges but at Wrike, solutions are second nature. Our speakers share insights on how to overcome roadblocks during the implementation phase.

<h5>Expert tips for new users of&nbsp;Wrike</h5>
Expert tips for new users of Wrike

To help new users get started on delivering business outcomes fast, our panel shares their valuable advice for recently joined teams on making the most of Wrike.

Meet the speakers

<h5>Virginia Forgiarini<br></h5>
Virginia Forgiarini

Digital Marketing Transformation Manager, Siemens

Virginia has been working for Siemens for the past five years. She joined Siemens Financial Services in the French Marketing team and then moved to a global team as Digital Marketing Transformation Manager. Virginia is in charge of developing digital tools for the marketing teams across the globe.

<h5>Esther Flammer<br></h5>
Esther Flammer

Chief Marketing Officer, Wrike

Esther has led numerous marketing organizations, earning her a spot on the Denver Business Journal’s Outstanding Women in Business list for 2021 and the Influitive Elite 18 customer-led CMOs list for 2023. She’s driven acquisition at high-growth technology companies such as Conga (Apttus), Convercent (OneTrust), and Return Path (Validity).

<h5>Tony Drews<br></h5>
Tony Drews

Head of New Product Introduction, Siemens

Over the past 12 years, Tony has had the opportunity to make a difference at Siemens and ETM Professional Control GmbH in Europe and Vietnam while developing go-to-market strategies and overseeing territories across the globe including North & South America, ASEAN, India, Japan and Australia focusing on software and hardware sales. Specialized in business development, business operations and solutions management.

<h5>Tomas Susedik<br></h5>
Tomas Susedik

Global Account Manager, Wrike

With background in strategy and technology, Tomas has spent the past 6 years in large technology companies, helping large global customers achieve their business goals. At Wrike, he works with a handful of our largest clients, including several teams from Siemens totalling over 20,000 active Wrike users.

<p><span>Learn how to maximize your marketing with Wrike</span></p>

Learn how to maximize your marketing with Wrike

<p><span>Learn how to maximize your marketing with Wrike</span></p>