Maximize your event resources with an event budget template

Our pre-built templates offer you complete event coordination, management, scheduling, and budget tracking. You'll be able to keep track of all your resources in a flexible event budget template that will ensure everything is delivered on time and on budget

How to use our event budget template

Step 1: Visualize each element
Event management involves coordination across teams with hundreds of moving parts. Our event budget template helps you plan each individual task with precision and track progress easily with one-click Gantt charts. Change up your view to use Kanban boards, custom dashboards, tables, and more.
Step 2: Stay on track and simplify invoicing
Enhanced time tracking options will ensure each element of your event is delivered on time and on budget. Use our event budget template to enjoy increased visibility on how your team’s time is spent and be able to keep track of individual contractors’ rates.
Step 3: Track real-time budget use
Streamline how you keep an eye on resources with automatic reporting from Wrike. Use templates, customize, or build your own reports that will arrive into your inbox or that you can share easily with teammates or clients.

20,000 companies choose Wrike for event budgeting

Here’s how a few of our 2.3 million customers use our event budget template.

We use Wrike as an event management tool for understanding the beginning stages of coordinating an event and the success of the event and the impact that we’ve made.

Once we started using it on-event, everyone realized how useful it was. The following event, we just copied all the information across and we had all the debrief comments in one place.

Everything that anybody touches on this event is in Wrike. At the end, we can pull a report to see how it performed. We were able to get things done faster than we would normally have in any other year.

Improve your event management with Wrike

Improve your event management with Wrike

Try our event budget template
Improve your event management with Wrike