<h5>Introducing Custom Item&nbsp;Types<br></h5>
Introducing Custom Item Types

Say goodbye to generic tasks and hello to campaigns, assets, and creative briefs. Tailor Wrike to reflect your team’s language, behavior, and style with our game-changing new Custom Item Types.

<h5>Deliver great work in record&nbsp;time<br></h5>
Deliver great work in record time

Streamline your team’s processes and workspaces using Wrike’s customizable request forms, blueprints, templates, and more. Combine your strategy with our automation for infinite possibilities.

<h5>Access exclusive expert&nbsp;insights<br></h5>
Access exclusive expert insights

Our speakers will demonstrate the many innovative ways customers can configure Wrike to suit their team’s needs. Discover how to use Wrike’s versatility to simplify your work — without tradeoffs.


<h5>Maya Humbatova<br></h5>
Maya Humbatova

Customer Success Manager, Wrike

<h5>Raymond Flynn<br></h5>
Raymond Flynn

Senior Sales Engineer, Wrike

Discover how you can configure Wrike to work your way