Navigating Normal: Objective & Key Results (OKRs): What, why and how?

Welcome to “Navigating Normal”, a webinar series that takes on the biggest issues companies and teams are facing today. Each episode offers you new ways to transform your teams, provides real-world examples of how to implement change in your organisation so you're delivering your best work.

Friday, October 16, 3:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Duration ± 45 minutes

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In this session we’ll discuss what is an Objective and Key Results (OKRs) and why they’re vital to maintaining, or improving, business results and transparency whether you’re remote or in the office. By session’s end you’ll be ready to assist all your teams define their goals and implement a framework to track and measure their outcomes. 

The session will cover:

  • What are OKRs and how you can use them to your advantage
  • OKR vs. KPIs, how they differ
  • How to use Wrike as a tool to set up your own OKRs and measure them

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