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Drive Success With Powerful Project Reporting Software

Get real-time updates on all your projects. Wrike’s project management reporting tools give you 360° visibility across your organization.

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Drive Success With Powerful Project Reporting Software


Make insight-led decisions

Wrike’s project reporting software allows teams to collate and monitor their resources and projects to assess progress and avoid potential risks to the business. By storing everything in one place, you can gain better performance insights. Discover our robust project management reporting tools to accurately assess your projects.

Gain big-picture visibility
Gain big-picture visibility

Measure metrics on everything from team productivity to project progress to portfolio health, across your whole organization.

Keep executives informed
Keep executives informed

Our project reporting software helps teams show what’s going on at every level of the business in a highly visual format.

Minimize potential risk
Minimize potential risk

Use customized project reporting tools to clearly see resource allocation and potential roadblocks to minimize risk to your business.

Track any organizational detail in seconds

Gain 360° visibility across every aspect of your team’s work with our project reporting software. Wrike’s project reporting tools benefit your business in a variety of ways, so you can streamline all your tasks on one platform.
Check real-time progress
Choose your visualization
Keep track of budgets
Analyze digital performance
Monitor your portfolio health
Make resources go further
Customize your analytics

Sync with your favorite apps

Wrike’s project reporting software also connects to over 400 tools from the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce. Keep everything your team needs in one interface.

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"I can't live without reporting. I can pull a report and within minutes I can pivot it any way I want to without exporting it to Excel. We’re able to get things done faster than we have in any other year.”

Patricia Davis, Manager of the PMO, F5 Networks
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“Dashboards and Reporting have eliminated a lot of the constant ‘what’s the status’ emails and meetings. People are now able to just check, know what the health is, and utilize their time more efficiently.”

Hoon Kim, Creative Production Manager, Airbnb
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“Having history on every single project is key. Our daily Scrum reports go right into the project-level comments. You can also look at the daily Scrum reports from the very beginning and measure progress.”

Shaun Carlson, Director of R&D and Continuous Innovation, Arvig
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Powerful project reporting software

Showcase your teams’ success with Wrike

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