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The CMO’s Formula To 3x Your Digital Marketing Campaign Results

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Discover the biggest problems with data today and how to adapt your digital marketing strategy to the evolving business landscape

The economic disruption and changes in consumer behavior in 2020 have forced CMOs to re-evaluate their digital marketing strategy and adapt on the fly amid tighter scrutiny of their marketing investments. This is more crucial considering one in four companies plan to increase marketing activities and 78% of B2C marketing leaders aim to increase digital advertising spend in 2021.

Meanwhile, consumers are shifting toward digital means of accessing products and services, and marketing leaders are pivoting their businesses to meet these new expectations and opportunities to connect. Being on all the major digital marketing channels is necessary, but how are you performing on all channels? Can you see these insights in real time?
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What’s in the eBook

  • Global digital ad spending trends
  • The 3 biggest problems with digital marketing data today
  • The 5 most pressing questions CMOs face
  • The 5 best practices for CMOs to adapt to the changing digital landscape