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Position² boosted revenue by improving collaboration between employees and clients

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Read a report by 451 Research on Wrike's work management and collaboration platform

As an agency, Position²’s revenue stream is directly tied to the effective use of resources, operational efficiency, and fostering client trust with every campaign. Wrike enabled Position² to operationalize corporate practices, and begin automating costly logistical tasks. As a result, their revenue grew by 30% in a single quarter.
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Discover how Position² consolidated work management and client communication within Wrike.

  • An overview of work management specifics and its impact on revenue at a marketing agency
  • An integrated approach to aligning teams, projects, and client needs while keeping workloads transparent to all stakeholders
  • Practical implementation tips for adopting Wrike in your marketing team
  • Crucial lessons before, during, and after deploying Wrike in your organization