Sorting & Prioritizing Tasks

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There are five different sorting options when viewing tasks on the List View. Sort tasks by: priority, importance, title, status, or date.

Important Information

  • By default, you only see tasks with an active status, but you change the applied filters to see tasks with different statuses or which meet other available filter criteria.
  • To see tasks from descendant Subfolders and Subprojects: click the menu button in the List View’s upper right-hand corner and select “Show subfolders”.

Sorting Options


Priority is the default sorting setting for tasks in the List View. When sorting tasks by priority you can drag and drop tasks to change their priority: the closer a task is to the top of the list, the higher its priority.

All users who are shared on the Folder or Project will see tasks in the same order when they sort by priority. For example, if you change the order or tasks when sorting by priority, then the task list order is also changed for your teammates when they look at the Folder or Project and sort tasks by priority.  


When you sort tasks by importance, tasks whose importance is set to “high” are listed first, followed by tasks with a “normal” importance, and then tasks with “low” importance are listed last.  


Sort tasks by title to see a Folder or Project’s tasks listed alphanumerically.


When you sort tasks by status, they are sorted into one of four groups based on their status. The four groups a task can be sorted into are: active, completed, deferred, or cancelled. For Business and Enterprise users with Custom Statuses, tasks are sorted into these groups based on which status group a task’s status falls into. For example, a task with a custom status in the active status group will appear in the active section when sorting by status.


When sorting tasks by date, tasks are grouped into seven categories based on their scheduled dates: overdue, today, tomorrow, this week, next week, month, and later. The later category displays tasks which are due after this month or which are backlogged (do not have scheduled start and end dates).

Change How Tasks are Sorted

  1. Select a Folder or Project from the Workspace’s left-hand Navigation panel
  2. Click the current sorting option 1 on the right-hand side of the List View panel
  3. From the dropdown list which appears, choose the sorting option you would like to apply

How your tasks are sorted immediately changes to reflect your choice.

Last updated on: 09/26/14