Notification system

Email notifications are great to stay updated on progress of your projects and you can work on your Wrike tasks right from your email box!


Notifications Wrike sends to you include all information on changes other people have just made in tasks you created, tasks assigned to you, and tasks that you follow. And you can also follow all tasks in a specific folder and receive notifications about all updates in the folder as well. The notifications are not static – you can respond to changes and update tasks from your email box.

Wrike notification

Set email notification frequency

To set the frequency of email notifications, simply click on your name in the top right corner of your workspace to open your personal settings 1, then click on the “Email addresses” tab 2, and go to the “Notifications” section. Here you can choose the frequency that suits you best 3.

By default, the notifications are set to immediate. Immediate notifications are actually issued with a lag of 6-10 minutes to aggregate all small changes made by another user within 6 minutes and let you receive a complete task update in one notification. It is possible to fine tune your email notification settings to suit your individual needs and monitor only the updates you care about 4. Alternatively, you can opt to receive a daily digest that accumulates all the changes and updates into one daily email or turn the notifications off, when necessary! These settings are individual and do not affect the frequency of notifications sent to your colleagues.

In case you are a member of several accounts in Wrike, you can specify where notifications should be sent for each account independently 5.


Desktop notifications

HTML5 desktop notifications are enabled by default when you keep your Wrike workspace open in Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Whenever a colleague leaves a comment in a task you follow, @mentions you or assigns you a new task, a small window pops up in the corner of the screen.

Desktop notifications

Start to work emails

Once all the previous steps in a dependency chain have been completed, Wrike sends an automated email to notify all assignees of the next dependent task that it is time to start working on their assignment. You can click on the link in the email to open your Wrike workspace and view task details:

Start to work emails

The email notifications are sent when:

  • The dependency chain between tasks is finish-to-start.
  • Assignees of the next task weren’t responsible for the preceding tasks. (If they completed the preceding task, they’re already aware of its status).
  • The status of the next task must be “active”.


To receive this email, you must turn on email notifications in personal profile settings.