Milestones and Backlogged Tasks

In addition to planned tasks with start and due dates, you can create other types of tasks in Wrike: Milestones which have a due date only and Backlogged tasks which are tasks without scheduled start and end dates.



Milestones are tasks that are scheduled for one day and have no duration. Milestones are used as reference points to mark a major event or a branching decision point in a project.

Important Information

  • Milestone tasks are displayed as flags 1 on the Timeline View
  • Dependent Milestones do not get automatically rescheduled if tasks in the chain get rescheduled. However, the dependency chain will turn orange 2 if a task in the dependency chain gets rescheduled to start or finish after the Milestone.
  • Wrike comes with a pre-built “Conflicts Monitor” widget. The Conflicts Monitor displays all Milestones in your account which are shared with you and which have scheduling conflicts.

Milestone tasks  wrike-milestone-2

Create a Milestone Task

  1. Open the task you want to convert to a Milestone or create a new task
  2. Click in the schedule date section of the task (if the task is currently scheduled for dates you will see those dates displayed)
  3. Select “Milestone” on the pop-up that appears
  4. Select the date which the Milestone should be scheduled for
  5. Press “Ok”

Set a milestone

Quick Tip: You can also convert an existing task to a Milestone task from the Timeline view. To do this: click on the task you want to convert and choose “Convert into milestone” on the pop-up that appears.

Convert a task into a milestone

Backlogged Tasks


Backlogged tasks are tasks which do not have scheduled start and end dates. When tasks are created they are scheduled as backlogged by default and remain backlogged until you schedule start and end dates for the task.

All new tasks are created as backlogged by default and remain that way unless you add start and end dates to the task or schedule it as a milestone.

Important Information

  • Backlogged tasks are not visible on the Timeline View (because they do not have scheduled start and end dates)
  • You can add a task duration to backlogged tasks
  • By default, Backlogged tasks appear in the “Today” panel of “My Work
  • Backlogged tasks are not included in daily to-do emails
  • Add the widget “My Backlog” to see your Backlogged tasks as a widget on a Dashboard

Convert a Scheduled Task into a Backlogged Task

  1. Open the task you would like to convert to Backlogged
  2. Click in the date section on the task’s left-hand side
  3. Select “Backlogged” 1 on the right-hand side of the pop-up that appears
  4. You have the option of adding a task duration 2, otherwise press “Ok” to save your changes

Backlogged tasks

Filter Folders to See Backlogged Tasks

  1. From the left-hand Navigation panel in the Workspace, select the Folder or Project whose Backlogged tasks you want to see. Alternatively, select the “Projects” tab in the left-hand Navigation panel to view all tasks in the account*.
  2. Click the menu button in the upper right-hand corner of the List View panel
  3. Select “Show subfolders”
  4. Click on the Folder or Project’s filter icon
  5. In the filter panel go to the “Task Type” section. If you do not see the Task Type section: click “Advanced Filters” on the filter panel and then check the box next to “Task Type” on the pop-up which appears
  6. In the “Task Type” section of the filter panel, check the box next to “Backlogged”
  7. Uncheck all other filters to see only backlogged tasks or check additional boxes to add additional filters 

*Please note, you will only be able to see tasks which are shared with.  

Quick Tip: after filtering the tasks in a folder, or in the account, you can create an interactive Dashboard widget based on your search criteria.

Last updated on: 09/28/14