To facilitate project discussions and help you respond quickly to all changes, Wrike enables you to comment on any entry in the stream – just type it in the “Write a comment” field below the Activity Stream entry and click on the “Comment” button or hit “Shift+Enter” 1.

By default, the last two comments or updates are shown for each item, but you can instantly see the whole newsfeed by clicking on the “Show more updates” link 2.

Hovering your mouse cursor near the bottom right corner of a comment, you can see two icons. Click the pencil to edit the comment (up to 6 minutes after initial posting), or click the X to delete it (at any time) 3.

You might often need to quote a particular fragment of a comment or the task description to make sure everyone understands what your response refers to. Simply select the necessary part of your teammate’s comment and click on the quote icon appearing to the left 4. The fragment is automatically pasted into a new comment along with the time stamp and the author’s name. If you already started typing a comment, the quote will be added to the end of it.

Comment on any entry

Invite teammates to discussions

This feature is very intuitive and handy when you need to quickly draw attention of the right person directly to your comment. Simply add the @ symbol, followed by the teammate’s name from an autosuggest menu, in a comment to a certain task or in the Activity Stream.

This person will receive a notification immediately with the text of your comment and be added as a follower of the task.

If the task was not originally shared with the person you mentioned (after the @ symbol), it will be automatically shared when you submit the comment. This way, she or he is able to better understand the context of the comment and actively participate in the discussion moving forward.

Invite teammates to discussions

To share a comment and a task with the whole team, you may use @My Team feature to attract the attention of all regular users in your account. “My team” does not include external users and collaborators to eliminate the possibility of unintended data exposure to outsiders.

My Team

In case you want to discuss previous tasks or refer to project folders, “@mention” feature works for these items too: just enter @TaskName or @FolderName in the comments section and choose the item you wish to share from a drop-down list of related task and folder names. The permalink is automatically added into your comment to provide the full context during work discussions.

“Reply” button will automatically direct your reply to the author of the previous comment:

Reply button