Attach a file

At Wrike, you can attach any kind of file to a task or a folder, so that everyone on the team has access to the latest version of specifications, agreements, brochures, logos, etc.

  1. To attach a file to a folder, select the folder and go to “Folder Info” 1.
  2. Click on the “Attach files” link and browse for files on your computer. If you would like to attach a file directly from Dropbox and cloud storages and access up-to-date file versions without the time-consuming re-uploading routine, choose the necessary option in the “Attach files” drop-down.
  3. In Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers you can simply select files on your computer and drag-and-drop them onto the green area that appears at the bottom of the file panel 3. Once the files are uploaded, they appear below the description and become available to the team members who share this folder. If attached files are of .pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, and .pptx formats you can preview them directly in Wrike via Box View, just click on a file and it will open it in an overlay tab.

Attach a file to a folder in Wrike

Edit files without downloading & version control

Once you hover the mouse over a file in Activity Stream or expanded file panel 4 and hover the mouse cursor over a file, you will see other file managing options:

  • Download button prompts you to choose a place on a local disk to save the file to 5.
  • Edit Attachment 6 is present for all Microsoft Office or OpenOffice documents and allows you to edit the document without downloading it to a computer. The file immediately opens right from the Web in Microsoft Office or OpenOffice, depending on what you use. When you are done with editing, simply press the “save” button and close your file. The new version is uploaded to Wrike automatically. Currently this feature works with:

–  Microsoft Office 2007 x32 for Windows*

–  Microsoft Office 2010/2013 (x32 and x64) for Windows*

–  Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac*

–  Open Office for Mac and Windows**

  • LibreOffice for Mac and Windows**
  • Any PDF and picture editors for Mac and Windows.**

* MS Office or Wrike’s online document editor application needs to be installed.
** Wrike’s online document editor application plugin needs to be installed.

  •  You can delete the file by pressing the Recycle Bin icon 7.

File versions for attachments

When you work on a document with your colleagues, everyone can contribute by uploading a new version. To upload a new version from your computer, expand the file panel and place the cursor over the attached file to see the “New version” link 8. After you finish uploading, Wrike automatically renames the file to follow the original file’s name and avoid confusion.

If someone from your team already opened an MS Office document from Wrike, and they are working on editing it, then you will see a small lock sign and a notification next to the file title in the task’s attachment list. If needed, you can stop your colleague’s session with the file by hovering over their name and pressing the “Unlock” button. Keep in mind your colleague’s changes will not be saved in this case. Note: this feature is not supported in OpenOffice.

Online editing files

All the previous versions of a file are easily accessible for viewing and downloading – press the small arrow to the left of the file name to see the drop-down list of documents and their upload time.

Attach an online file to a folder

Attaching files from Google Docs enables you to collaborate on files in real time with your team online. It’s very convenient, as the colleagues who share the task are always able to access the latest file versions and edit them online without downloading them.

To attach a Google doc to a folder in Wrike, press the “Folder Info” icon   in the pane next to the folder name. This will switch you to the folder details view.

Here click on the “Attach files” link 1 and select “from Google Drive” 2 from the drop-down menu. If you are not signed in to your Google account, do so in the pop-up window. If it’s the first time you are accessing Google Docs from Wrike, you will need to grant Wrike access to your Google account. Now you can create a new file 3 or attach an existing document, spreadsheet or presentation 4. If you are creating a new file, enter its name, and the new file will open, so you can start working on it.

Attach online file

After you have finished editing the file, save it in Google Docs. This will create a link to your document in your task in Wrike. You and all the users who share the task with you will be able to access your online file by using this link and download the file to your computers 5. To delete a file, click on the “delete” link 6.

Attach online file

You can also attach files from Dropbox to a Wrike folder. This way, you can access the most up-to-date file version without a time consuming re-uploading routine.

To attach a file from Dropbox, click on the “Attach files ” link right under the task description, then select “from Dropbox” 7 from the drop-down menu and choose the desired file 8. A built-in photo gallery and search function is particularly handy in finding the right file. Even if you update the file in your Dropbox every couple of minutes, your teammates will access the most up-to-date version in Wrike.

Attach files from Dropbox