Download ContactsCalendarSync to your G1 phone from the Android market.

  1. 1

    Run the application

    Once you have downloaded the ContactsCalendarSync to your T-Mobile G1 phone, the application icon will appear on your phone desktop. To run the application, click on this icon.

  2. 2

    Set up ContactsCalendarSync

    Go to Menu>Settings and enter your email address and the password of your Exchange email account. If your Exchange server is set-up with Autodiscover web service, then ContactsCalendarSync will be able to automatically find all other settings.

    If ContactsCalendarSync doesn't find the Autodiscover Web service, it will ask you for advanced settings (domain name, user name, Exchange Web Services Address). If you don't know what they mean, please contact the person running your Exchange server. Our support team doesn't know the configuration settings of your server.

  3. 3

    Synchronize your calendar and contacts

    To start synchronization of your Exchange contacts and appointments with your G1 phone, run the application and click on the "Synchronize" button. ContactsCalendarSync connects to your Exchange server and directly synchronizes your contacts and appointments with your G1 phone.

    ContactsCalendarSync doesn't require you to use any other contact book or calendar because it directly syncs with the G1 standard applications. ContactsCalendarSync automatically catches the changes made on your G1 phone and instantly pushes them to the Exchange server. Also, the application periodically checks for the updates on your Exchange server in the background and pulls them to your G1 phone.

The buzz

  • "While Android gadgets are mainly aimed at consumers, the app [ContactsCalendarSync] could make them more appealing to business users as well. That's crucial to Android's success, as most
    smartphone users today are so-called pro-sumers: They use the devices for both business and entertainment." Olga Kharif, Senior Writer,

Android Authority, GIGAOM, InformationWeek