Workflow Training

During the Workflow Training, we will focus on how Wrike’s functionality helps you accomplish your team’s projects and processes. This varies widely between teams, however there are some common things across all teams, which are listed below.

We’ve prepared a beginner tutorial for you to utilize in training your Champions. You can access it here:

Wrike Beginner Tutorial (External link)
By creating a template for those commonly repeated processes, you can easily create identical projects with a few clicks. This will save time and ensure that your team is executing efficiently on every project.

Learn more about templates here

Assignees, Due Dates, and Task Statuses
For every task in a project there should be a responsible party and due date. By empowering your project owners to assign users and due dates to each task you can keep the team accountable. You can then track the status of each task by using default statuses, or customizing those statuses to match your specific workflows.

Learn more about assigning tasks
Learn more about due dates
Learn more about task statuses

A Single Source for Project Communication
Rather than split your communication between emails, chats, and hallway conversations, you can easily consolidate all project-related discussion in a single location: Wrike. It is important for you and your team to decide when to use specific functionalities like @mentioning, comments, and the Description field, an overview of which can be seen below.

Learn more about project communication

Filters and Dashboards
Once you’ve set up all your projects in Wrike, there will be a lot of information to sift through so we’ve equipped you with the ability to filter down tasks and projects by a wide range of criteria. Once you’ve created a filter set you’d like to save, you can easily add it as a widget to any Dashboard you’ve made. By creating personalized Dashboards you can put everything you need to know in one place!

Learn more about filters
Learn more about dashboards

By the end of the Workflow Training session, the following should be accomplished:
Entire champion team can explain your new Wrike process