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Wrike is the easiest way to manage your projects. It allows you to boost your team's efficiency with a combo of task lists, spreadsheets, Gantt charts and an Activity Stream in one app!

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Wrike is the easiest way to manage your projects. It allows you to boost your team's efficiency with a combo of task lists, spreadsheets, Gantt charts and an Activity Stream in one app!

Webinar for Newcomers

New to Wrike? Register for a live webinar or watch a recorded version and learn the essentials in just 30 minutes!

Basic features

Wrike 101 offers an overview of basic features. Dive right in and learn about folder and task creation, the task description page and interacting with email notifications.

Intermediate features

Wrike 201 offers an overview of intermediate features. Introduce yourself to better folder organization, task tagging, @mentioning and customizing your dashboard.

Advanced features

Wrike 301 offers an overview of advanced features. Get the most out of the Gantt chart, custom statuses, mass actions and personal productivity.

Get the Project Started

Take the load of remembering too many things off your brain. If you store tasks in Wrike, things will never fall through the cracks!

Involve Your Team

Selectively share data with your team members and easily keep contractors in the loop without the need to disclose your confidential data. Share as little as a single task or give access to an entire project!

Activity Stream

Boost your team's collaboration with Wrike's real-time newsfeed. Completed tasks, added comments, uploaded files – with Wrike's Activity Stream, you'll catch every tiny detail that counts!

Dynamic Timeline

Just a mouse motion needed to create tasks, milestones and dependencies on Wrike's Gantt charts. Updating plans in Wrike is as simple as dragging and dropping!


With Wrike, sharing project priorities is easier than you can imagine – simply drag the most important tasks up the list, and your team will immediately know what to tackle first.

Manage Your Team's Workload

Your team is your most precious resource, so make sure you manage it well. Wrike allows you to get a full overview of the team's workload, quickly identify bottlenecks in their schedules and easily optimize their efforts' distribution.

Turn Emails into Tasks

Wrike makes the routine of tracking sent emails very easy and efficient. Just CC emails to, and Wrike will post them right to your projects. Moreover, Wrike will send you an email notification back once the task is updated or completed!

Unique Outlook Addin

Forget about getting zillions of e-mails on the same subject! Wrike's Outlook addin lets you see all the data brought together in a single interactive message right in your Outlook.

Drag-and-Drop Files

Using Wrike is extremely easy and intuitive, as you can drag-and-drop tasks, folders and tags across the workspace. Plus, you can drag-and-drop files to Wrike from your computer!

Attach Google Docs

Wrike's Google Docs integration is very handy, as it enables everyone on your team to always have the latest version of files attached to the task and work on documents collaboratively.

Edit Documents Online

Wrike makes it incredibly easy for you to update Microsoft Office and OpenOffice files attached to tasks without downloading them to your computer.

Live Editor

Live Editor in Wrike is a true gem for remote teams! Learn how easy it is for several users to edit task and project information collaboratively in real time.

CRM in Wrike

It's so easy to improve customer relationship management with Wrike – all information about your clients and their projects will always be at your fingertips!

Wrike for Recruitment (part1)

Our ready-to-use customizable workflow helps you make applicant tracking easy and efficient, from posting of vacant positions, to assessments, interviews, selection, and hiring.

Wrike for Recruitment (part2)

Learn how you can use various Wrike's features to make recruitment process easy and efficient!

Webinar about Dashboard

Harness the power of the dashboard and become a task organization ninja with Wrike! Learn how default widgets keep your tasks o rganized & accessible, how to create custom widgets tailored to your needs, and loads of other best practices for task organization.

Webinar: Wrike Enterprise

Outcollaborate your competition with Wrike Enterprise. Designed with powerful features like analytics, branded notifications, customized calendars, advanced admin rights, and enhanced group and sharing features, Enterprise is all about keeping management manageable at any scale.

Webinar about selective sharing

In Wrike you can easily pick and choose what you'd like to share, from a single task to your entire workspace. Want to learn all the tips and tricks for using Wrike's sharing feature? Then watch our webinar! Check out this short guide about the "Share" feature.

Webinar: 10 Tips to Get More Done

Learn ten simple tips and tricks to maximize your productivity while using Wrike.

Custom Fields in Wrike

With Custom Fields you now can configure your Wrike projects to fit the needs of any team. Get all the details on our blog

Custom Workflows in Wrike

With Custom Workflows, you can now create specific workflows to match exactly how your teams work. Get all the details on our blog

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Michael O'keefe

"Loving Wrike — it's very productive and has really made it much easier for our team to interact (we're all distributed so tools like this are critical)."

Michael O'Keefe, Chief Engineer, Big Ladder Software LLC

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