Wrike helps unite creativity and productivity at virtual marketing firm

Erin Blakemore

Director & Co-Founder VOCO Creative

VOCO Creative provides marketing & PR services. Specializes in creating and supporting unique branding strategies for clients.

Their story

Project information was frequently lost in email threads due to disorganization and lack of structure

With locations in two cities, effective communication was a top priority for the VOCO Creative team. Their clients find email the most convenient way to communicate on projects, so they couldn't sacrifice email. But with several projects running simultaneously, the amount of emails they had to dig through to find important information was spiraling out of control. They needed a tool that could help them solve their inbox chaos. Both Juli Dimos and Erin Blakemore, co-founders of VOCO Creative, also found it difficult to stay organized. So their second requirement was to find a tool that could help them structure their work and be more productive.

We tried Basecamp, Wikis, AceProject… you name it! Wrike turned out to be the only project management software that could help us carry out our needs.

Erin Blakemore

Director and Co-founder of VOCO Creative

Their victory

Wrike made it easy to prioritize tasks and track projects via email

One of VOCO Creative's biggest problems was wading through piles of emails without having a clear sense of priorities or action items. Distractions kept popping up and hindered their efficiency. Now, Wrike helps them eliminate the e-chatter and focus on the next step. "We cut off lots off unnecessary tire-kicking. We talk and develop priorities and tasks, then enter them into Wrike to mesh with our project timelines," says Blakemore.

As they interact with clients, they add and update tasks in Wrike to make sure clients' needs are met. With a couple of clicks, they can reply or forward client email conversations to the right project folders in Wrike.

Blakemore recently coordinated a web-development project for a client while her business partner was out of the country. With Wrike, she was able to thoroughly organize all aspects of the project, document her own progress, and give her partner follow-up tasks to complete upon her return. "When she got back she could get down to business immediately without having to unpack a box full of confusing emails. I saved her so much time with Wrike's help," says Blakemore.

Their superpowers

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Gantt Chart

Wrike's interactive Gantt chart lets Dimos and Blakemore view all projects and tasks at once. Seeing all tasks and milestones in one view helps the VOCO Creative team to see which deadlines are coming up and better estimate priorities and deadlines.

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Daily To-Do Reminders

Blakemore's favorite Wrike feature is the daily to-do email. "It keeps me focused on task-specific duties instead of global worries and anxieties, and I love clicking on tasks and wiping them off the map!" The email also lets her know which tasks are sitting idle and undone, so she knows what to delegate.

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Time Tracker

Using the time tracking tool, the VOCO Creative team marks how many hours they spend working on each task. Once they've completed a project, they review their time logs and use them in invoicing. This tool helps them save time and accurately track billable hours.

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