Precision Survey Uses Wrike for Construction and Infrastructure
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Strategic Competitive Advantage

Adam Linstrom

Survey Manager

Precision Survey Group — based in Sydney, Australia, PSG works on major civil infrastructure projects such as bridges, dams, highways, and tunnels.

Their story

Efficiency, meticulous time tracking, and detailed documentation are key to winning major projects and satisfying clients

Founded 10 years ago, Precision Survey Group (PSG) is a specialized land engineering company based in Sydney, Australia. Adam Linstrom, Survey Manager, leads a team of land surveyors who perform 95% of their tasks outside of the physical office, at client sites.

Linstrom needed a way to organize, prioritize, and schedule daily tasks for each Surveyor. The system had to be extremely easy to use because of the fast pace of work and limited time Surveyors had to update the system. “We have a high volume of activity per Surveyor. They complete approximately 40 tasks per week, and over 1,500 tasks per Surveyor, per year,“ says Linstrom. “I trialed 3 online software systems, and Wrike was by far the best fit for what I needed. It was easy to use and mainly task orientated."

Before implementing Wrike, managers organized work for Surveyors on a whiteboard in the office. Surveyors would get their task assignments for the day, and then spend most of the day out in the field. Clients would sometimes make requests directly to Surveyors without management visibility, causing problems with prioritization and scheduling. “We needed traceability from the beginning of a task to completion. We needed it internally for potential legal purposes, for billing clients properly, and to make sure proper processes were followed. We also needed to track time spent per employee, per task.” says Linstrom.

Many more tasks are getting done per day – a 2x increase.

Adam Linstrom

Survey Manager

Their victory

Using Wrike, PSG has doubled their productivity with existing staff

Surveyors use Wrike's time tracking, file storage and revision tracking, and automatic date and time stamp audit trails. PSG saves their clients time and money through higher efficiency and better documentation than their competitors. “Many more tasks are getting done per day; a 2x increase. This gives us a huge advantage when competing with other businesses," says Linstrom. "My Surveyors can justify every minute of their day.”

By using one folder per Surveyor, Linstrom simplified the process so that each Surveyor works within one folder per day, moving down the list, updating each task as it is completed. “I have created timing in the task subject lines to organize and sort tasks. We have one folder per Surveyor. We leave tasks in the folder, sorted chronologically by time. This simplifies the scheduling, and makes it a very fast process. Surveyors can also quickly filter the tasks by status."

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Wrike's automatic date and time stamp audit trail stores the location of the Surveyor and device used, as files are added to Wrike. The transparency and level of detail becomes helpful for clients if there are any questions about when survey elements or images were taken or uploaded. As an example, "a subcontractor came to a client trying to back charge them for a survey not being available at a client site. Our Surveyor produced the timesheet and photos proving that we were there and the other subcontractor was not there,” says Linstrom. “Justification of billable hours and traceability of tasks is key," says Linstrom.

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After implementing Wrike, the Project Manager is the point person for all client requests. Tasks are prioritized and scheduled for each surveyor in Wrike. “We have made all surveyors use a dashboard for their tasks. It includes overdue items, to-do items, and newly assigned tasks," says Linstrom.

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Mobile Functionality

PSG needed a system that was fully functional on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices—primarily tablets used by surveyors at client sites. “It was important for Surveyors to be able to create and complete tasks and upload files while in the field. They use tablets on the road with 10” screens, in addition to their desktop computers," says Linstrom.

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Centralized File Storage and Revision Tracking

PSG uses the Wrike folder to exchange files between the Survey Manager and Surveyor, and to track revisions and changes. According to Linstrom: "We generally upload data to put into a master folder. Most content is being uploaded by Surveyors. The images are ‘proof’ of project completion, containing specialized survey data. The Survey Manager also uploads files as part of assigning tasks.”

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