Position2 Collaborates with Clients in Wrike
and Boosts Revenue by 30%

Position2 — an integrated digital marketing agency offering Search Marketing, Marketing Automation, Content, and Web Technology solutions

Harish PS

Director of Web & Application Services

Prashanth Menon

Director of Global Delivery Operations (GDO)

Sanjiv Parikh

Director of Client Growth, Business Development

Their story

The Position2 team wanted a single system to support and provide transparency to clients

Position2 is a leading digital and social media marketing agency based in Silicon Valley and Bangalore, India. The company was founded in 2005 and has quickly grown to over 200 employees across the two offices. Position2 clients include Fujitsu, Vormetric, GlobalFoundries, Gigamon, Mindtree, and more.

Prior to implementing Wrike, Position2 used a variety of management tools including Intervals, Basecamp, and Google Docs and Sheets. The system was cumbersome to maintain, and details could not be kept in sync across all systems simultaneously. Harish PS, Director of Web & Application Services (WAAS) and Prashanth Menon, Director of Global Delivery Operations (GDO), wanted to streamline and consolidate systems to simplify the process for their teams, while providing clients an unprecedented level of visibility into projects. They wanted one single system with client access that could support automated workflow management, dynamic timelines and Gantt charts, time tracking, templates, and shared reporting and dashboards.

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We grew over 30% this quarter, and haven’t added any staff.

Rajiv Parikh


The company had two goals in updating its systems: accelerate development and service delivery while minimizing additional costs, and strengthen client relationships by improving overall quality of delivery. Position2 evaluated several project management systems used by marketing agencies and development teams, including Wrike. Ultimately, Wrike offered the best balance of flexibility, ease of use and implementation, and price. After observing a team using Wrike at another company, Harish noticed that Wrike offered more features out of the box, while other systems required costly product extensions and/or services to customize features to their needs.

Hours for developers have been reduced, and have been converted to work-life balance. So, they are really happy. And, at the end of the day, if employees are happy, clients will be happy.

Harish PS

Director of Web & Application Services (WAAS)

Their victory

Position2 achieved the highest level of revenue growth by collaborating with clients in Wrike

After fully implementing Wrike across their Web and Application Services (WAAS), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Marketing Automation (MAST), Content Marketing, SEO, and Creative Services teams, Position2 achieved its highest level of quarterly revenue growth.

Rajiv Parikh, CEO at Position2, attributes the improvement largely to the adoption of Wrike. Not only did productivity improve per employee, but so did employee work-life balance, and client satisfaction.

A key to success is the company’s commitment to being 100% transparent with strategic clients on projects, providing them full access to project timelines, task details, and even management's feedback to employees. Clients appreciate the visibility into projects, and the direct line of communication with the team performing the work. Because they see the team's detailed workflow, they understand the implications of change requests, take more care to clarify requests, and are more willing to accommodate deadline shifts related to changes. They also appreciate seeing Position2's management guiding the team to ensure the highest quality of work.

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“On one project, a client observed my request to a developer to rewrite his code on a task. In the next project meeting, the client was appreciative that we were taking care of their needs at such a detailed level," says Harish.

Since adopting Wrike, the Position2 Project Management team reduced time spent creating tasks by 25%, and the Web & Application Services team reduced employee waiting time, accelerated delivery time and reduced back-and-forth communication with clients.

Recurring processes were carefully planned and timed in the system to optimize client satisfaction and ensure quality delivery. Additional adjustments were made with Wrike's Client Success and Account Management teams over a period of 6 months, post-deployment, to optimize efficiency of internal processes.

Their superpowers

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Shared Dashboards

Position2 shares project dashboards with teams and strategic clients to show real-time status of tasks, and to keep clients updated on the entire process. This transparency reduces client questions and allows the team to focus on speed and quality of service. “Before Dashboards, we shared spreadsheets in Basecamp. Once you have so many tasks going, it’s hard to also check on the QA. The confidence level I feel working with clients now is tremendously better," says Sanjiv Parikh, Director of Client Growth.

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Time Tracking

Position2 manages all employee time in Wrike, categorizing time by work type, project, and task. Time tracking helps the GDO team better define projects to prevent back and forth. “Whereas before I would send something more open-ended, and see that they spent 5 or 6 hours on something. It has helped me better define the tasks and prioritize," says Sanjiv Parikh.

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Seamless Integrations

Position2 integrates key statuses of projects within Wrike to keep their internal teams up to date on project statuses. Zapier and the Gmail widget are used to automate task creation in Wrike, including updating the Comment Log, tracking CSAT, and logging QC statuses. The Salesforce integration is used to bring efficiency to the sales cycle by improving collaboration between the Business Development team and Implementation teams across different offices.

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