Manufacturing company uses Wrike to regain control of tasks with open deadlines

William Fetter

Director of Marketing and Communications, Hexagon Metrology

Hexagon Metrology is market-leading manufacturer of measurement equipment and software. Serves over 100 industries, from aerospace to consumer products. Team is spread over 4 offices.

Their story

Marketing team was beginning to lose track of open-ended tasks

Hexagon Metrology's marketing team works quickly on a tight schedule, so it was difficult for them to keep track of tasks with open deadlines. Most project management tools they tried imposed deadlines on all tasks. As a result, tasks with open deadlines were either endlessly incomplete or simply forgotten.

"On one hand, we were looking for a solution that could help us efficiently meet deadlines," William Fetter, Hexagon Metrology’s Director of Marketing and Communications, says. "On the other hand, we also needed a tool that would help us prioritize and handle tasks with open deadlines."

Wrike helps us get things done, even if they have no deadlines. Thanks to Wrike's smart task management, our team now completes 30% more tasks with open deadlines per month.

William Fetter

Director of Marketing and Communications, Hexagon Metrology

Their victory

Wrike helps team complete 30% more tasks with open deadlines per month

With Wrike's helpful features, Hexagon Metrology's team now gets urgent work done on time, while keeping ideas and tasks with open deadlines in plain sight so they aren't forgotten. Wrike ensures that the team is automatically notified of approaching due dates, and the backlog shows tasks with open deadlines in order of their priority. In the backlog, the manager can quickly drag-and-drop tasks to adjust priorities, and the team sees the updated picture in real time. Whenever someone on the team has completed his or her urgent tasks, he or she can always access the backlog and see the most important tasks at the top of the list.

Their superpowers

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Real-Time Email Notifications

Everyone on the team receives Wrike's automatic email notifications about overdue and upcoming tasks. Wrike also informs the team if the task is rescheduled or reassigned so the project view is always up-to-date. "With Wrike's email notifications, it is much easier for us to meet deadlines. Now I am sure that everything will be processed in time without an extra reminder from me," says Fetter.

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Drag-and-Drop Task Prioritization

Priorities change all the time, and Wrike always keeps everyone informed of updates. When the project manager drags-and-drops a task from the bottom to the top of the list, the rest of the team instantly sees the changes reflected in their own workspaces. "Whenever my team members open a project task list, they see what they need to focus on right now. This saves me a lot of time I would otherwise spend informing them about the changes," says Fetter.

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Backlogged Tasks

The backlog can be used as a repository for tasks with open deadlines, long-term goals, and even just ideas. "By prioritizing things in the backlog, I turn a long list of unsorted tasks and ideas into a valid, agile plan. Dealing with tasks with open deadlines has become a piece of cake for our team," Fetter says.

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