Support team easily incorporates Wrike into existing work habits

Brad Rosenberg

Project Manager, Bellwether Technology

Bellwether is enterprise IT support, one of the largest technical staffs in the New Orleans area. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Hewlett-Packard Preferred Partner and Cisco Premier Certified Partner.

Their story

Email was crucial to success but didn't provide visibility into project updates

As an IT support company, Bellwether Technology's engineers spend most of their days completing customer onsite visits. Because they rarely meet in the office, the most convenient way for them to communicate is through email, but there's nowhere to track project updates. Brad Rosenberg, Project Manager at Bellwether Technology, needed a way to effectively track project progress without forcing the team to change their established work habits.

He researched dozens of project management tools before he found the best fit for his team. "I must have tested nearly 40 different applications before getting to Wrike. Most required too much upkeep from my coworkers, or they were simply too basic for our needs," says Rosenberg.

The charm of Wrike is that no one had to change much of their day-to-day behavior. Wrike worked the way our staff worked: through email.

Brad Rosenberg

Project Manager, Bellwether Technology

Their victory

Team adopted Wrike to gain visibility into projects while communicating via email

Rather than imposing an entirely new tool on the team, Rosenberg looked for one they would be comfortable using. Since they were so accustomed to communicating through email, email integration was essential.

Wrike allowed Rosenberg to improve the task tracking process while preserving his team's email-based working habits. Now, all the company’s engineers are notified about new tasks via Wrike-generated emails and can note progress updates or mark tasks complete right from their inboxes. The balance between new project management practices and long-held habits was key to the team's adoption of the tool, and not long after, Wrike was successfully rolled out across the whole company.

Their superpowers

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Email Integration

With Wrike's email integration, Roseberg's team continues collaborating through their preferred method of communication. Tasks can be created, assigned, and commented on right from their inboxes. Team members also receive interactive to-do emails and notifications about task progress. "Wrike works the way we're used to working," says Rosenberg.

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Consolidated Information

With Wrike, there is no need to search through various apps and hundreds of emails to find all the necessary data. All project information is conveniently aggregated in Wrike, be it a list of urgent tasks or important documents. "Once I got Wrike, I put all of my projects and tasks into the site, rather than just using Microsoft Project and Post-It Notes," says Rosenberg.

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External Collaboration

With unlimited collaborator licenses, Rosenberg's team can invite all of their clients to take part in project collaboration. Thanks to selective information sharing, clients can only access data the team explicitly shares with them.

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