Wrike - helping teams become more productive

Looking for an alternative to Asana? Wrike helps teams work more effectively by providing robust features such as custom workflows, advanced security, and strong integration connectors. Streamline the way your team works, from process and work management to delivery — all in an intuitive and flexible platform.

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Wrike gives the art department a sense of control over what they're doing but also it allows them to be a little more organized so they're able to get projects knocked out really quickly. I rarely have to wait more than a day to get what I need done.

Kellee Vopelak

Project Manager at Exploding Kittens

Wrike vs. Asana

Folder Structures
Desktop Application
Custom Workflows
Customizable Dashboards

Main features

Essential toolkit for next-level project management

Wrike helps teams get work done faster - with task and projects, you can forget siloed workflows and disjointed communication. Set a schedule for your team, create workflows, and add structure around your work so you never lose track of anything, ever.

Built reports and obtain insights

Build reports at any stage of a projects life-cycle to analyze how your work is progressing. Wrike will automatically update your reports to include the most-up-to-date information for team and stakeholder review.

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate with your team and edit tasks together in real-time. Additionally, upload documents and files directly to tasks and edit them as a team in the Wrike platform, without downloading files or creating multiple versions.

Prioritization and visibility

Allocate resources and assign team members to tasks and projects. By doing so, you can better plan your team’s workload, resolve schedule conflicts, and reorganize assignments with a few clicks.

Flexible organization

Create a work structure with tasks, projects, and folders to fit your teams needs and to enable you to get work done, quicker. Cross tag tasks, projects, and folders so that all the right teams have access to the right information.

Get things done faster with Wrike project management software!

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