Visualize Your Plans with Wrike’s Enhanced Calendar Integration

Whether you’re keeping track of personal tasks or communicating team deliverables, it’s often helpful to see your work in a calendar view.

For years, you’ve been able to sync your personal tasks in Wrike with popular calendar apps like Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple Calendar. Today, we’ve enhanced our calendar integration to make it easier to use and more powerful.

Now, you can publish team calendars and you have more control over how much detail you push to your calendar. For example, you can show only due dates instead of full take durations, or exclude subtasks to keep from cluttering your calendar with too much detail.

Several popular use cases include:

  • Personal tasks — Sync all your personal tasks with your personal calendar so you never lose sight of the due dates. Open the tasks in Wrike directly from your calendar.
  • Marketing calendars — Publish a shared calendar with all of the upcoming events, campaigns, and launches. Since it’s linked to your work in Wrike, the calendar stays up-to-date as plans change.
  • Project schedules — See your project plan on a calendar with just a couple clicks. Share it with your team so everyone stays on track for the goal.

Getting Started:

With just a few clicks you’ll be up and running. Start by selecting the folder from which you wish to publish to your calendar, then click on the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner of the task list and select ‘View on Calendar’.

Use the calendar wizard to decide what information to show on your calendar:

  • See just your own tasks or all tasks in the folder
  • Exclude subtasks if that’s too much detail
  • Show the full duration or just the due date

Once you set your preferences, paste the URL into your calendar app and refresh the page — you’re all set!


If you want to create a single feed for several projects, simply include them into one parent folder. Keep in mind is that sharing the link to the calendar feed will allow recipients to view the titles of your tasks even if they aren’t Wrike users. Full access to the task and its details are still only available to Wrike users who are shared on that task.

Start syncing your Wrike tasks today! As always, we appreciate your feedback. Let us know how this feature works for you!

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