Protect Your Account with 2-Step Verification

Today, we're adding 2-Step Verification (also known as two factor authentication) to Wrike. Enabling 2-Step Verification significantly strengthens the security of your account by requiring users to provide a security code after entering username and password.

How 2-step verification works in Wrike:

2-Step Verification adds an extra criterion to protect your account. As Google's expert Matt Cutts explains, 2-Step Verification "requires 'something you know' such as password and 'something you have' such as mobile phone or another physical object."

Wrike provides 2-Step Verification through the free Google Authenticator app which users will need to install on their mobile phones. When users log into Wrike, after entering their password they will be asked to enter special security code which is provided by the Google Authenticator app.

To enable 2-Step Verification for your account, go to Account Settings/Security and you can make 2-Step Verification required for all users.


Integration with Duo Security

If you're using Duo Security, a leading provider of secure easy-to-use two-factor authentication technology, there's a good news for you too. You can customize security options on all employees' devices via Duo Security.

To enable Duo Security for your account, contact our Support team.

Adjust password strength

On top of these updates we've also released a feature to ensure your users have strong passwords. All users will see a password strength meter when creating or changing their password and will be prompted to create a stronger one if the password they're using is weak.


2-Step Verification and integration with Duo Security are available to all Enterprise users.

Collaborate on your projects in a secure environment with Wrike.

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