Drag-and-Drop for Tasks: Move and Include Tasks into Several Folders Easily
The drag-and-drop function has been released to help you quickly move your tasks from one folder to another. Just click on a task, hold the mouse button and pull the task to the appropriate folder. Once you release the mouse button, the task is placed in the selected folder. As previously, you can simply click the “Edit task” link and type the appropriate folder title in the field “Included in.”

1) Move a task with the drag-n-drop feature.
To move your task, you simply click on the task bar and pull it to the appropriate folder. In the picture we are moving the task “discuss the trends session with B.L.” from the “Agenda” folder to the “Applicants” folder.

2) Include a task into several folders with the drag-n-drop feature: hold CTRL.
The same way, you can include a task in several folders. Instead of clicking the “Edit task” link and then enumerating folders “Agenda, Applicants” and separating them with commas in the “Included in” field, you simply click on the task bar and pull it to the appropriate folder holding CTRL on your keyboard. The task will be also included into the chosen folder.


It’s very easy to organize you tasks with the drag-n-drop feature now. More importantly, the drag-n-drop feature works with the Wrike’s usual perks like sharing and automatic notifications.

Automatic sharing.
Once you move a task to the “Applicants” folder shared with Mary and John, the task automatically becomes shared with them as well.

Automatic notifications.
Mary and John receive automatic notifications about the changes according to the notification type chosen by them. The responsible party of the task is always notified about the changes via e-mail. Therefore you don’t need to explain to him or her the details. Your associates always stay on the same page with you.
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