All-in-one Toolkit for Successful Wrike Adoption

Whether you are going to introduce Wrike to the whole team or just to a few newcomers, your main goal is the same. You need to make all Wrike's benefits and features clear to them in a quick and easy-to-understand manner. Based on multiple requests from our customers, we’ve created a comprehensive adoption toolkit that will assist you in every step of presenting Wrike to your team.

Please consider the described techniques as a rule of thumb, rather than strict laws. No one knows your team’s habits better than you, so feel free to adjust these tools to their unique work style. With that said, good luck, and let’s get started!

1-2-3 guide to cultivating productivity habit with Wrike. Download pdf

Wrike adoption guide

Introductory presentation. Download ppt

Cheat sheet to handle critical objections. Download pdf

Wrike cheat sheet

Try key features

Email integration cheat sheet. Download pdf

Wrike email intergration cheat sheet

Checklist for newcomers. Download pdf

Wrike checklist for newcomers

Free live webinars (or a recorded one)

Wrike free live webinars

Tutorials on Wrike TV

Wrike video tutorials

Make Wrike personal

Blog post "How to Customize Wrike in 1-2-3"

How to customize Wrike

"Customize your Wrike" presentation. Download ppt

Go beyond the basics

List of 18 must-try features

Wrike must-try features

Golden collection of tips and tricks. Download pdf

Wrike tips and tricks

Wrike for managers: an easy-to-digest manual. Download pdf

Wrike guide for managers

Wrike for team members: an easy-to-digest manual. Download pdf

Wrike guide for team members

Wrike for collaborators: an easy-to-digest manual. Download pdf

Wrike guide for collaborators

Dashboard guide. Download pdf or watch webinar

Wrike dashboard

Selective sharing guide. Download pdf or watch webinar

Guide: selective sharing in Wrike

Share your success

The adoption process is successfully complete, tasks are nearly organized, work is fine-tuned and your team is happy!

Tools to be used:

All achievements deserve praise, so don’t forget to describe your experience of applying these techniques with others! Or maybe you have your own adoption tips or hacks? Then share them so that the fame finds the hero!

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