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Project Control

The tool has drastically increased the productivity of our team." - Nick Morse, marketing and communications manager, University of Washington.

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If you're a project manager, you probably know that some small projects come without a real plan, but a final deadline is set for almost all of them. When the activities start, you probably have done your part of the work, which was the basis for others to complete their tasks.

In fact, there could be many tasks when some expertise in collaboration is required, and that's why you may need an effective monitoring and control mechanism for a project. Project control software is one of the most effective and easy ways to provide comprehensive project management and control at each stage of a project. If you are looking for an effective and reliable project control system, Wrike is here to meet all your related needs.

It is not always enough just to ask how things are going and receive a standard answer of "everything is fine". Real monitoring and control mechanism for a project requires staying aware of all actions performed. Wrike project management software will allow you to focus on your core tasks while staying confident that all other tasks are performed in time by other team members.

Project management has much to do with communication, exchanging information and building up knowledge. Our software will help you to perform project control and connect employees' daily jobs with strategic business objectives.