Log hours and minutes

time-log-hours-and-minutes.pngOpen the task to edit and click on the "time 0:00" field 1 . Choose the date and enter the hours and minutes you’ve spent on the task 2 .

If you want to specify exactly what you have been working on, enter a comment 3 on each entry. For instance, if you have a task called "follow-up contracts," you can enter how much time has been spent on each prospective client. Then click on the "Add entry" button to record the amount of time.

To start time tracking with a timer, just click on "Play" icon in the time field and pause it to add a new time entry to the task. When the tracker is on or paused, it stays within eyeshot at the top of the workspace wherever you navigate. Once you get to a new task and start the tracking, the timer in the previous task pauses automatically.
Once you put a timer on, an update about this activity will appear in the Activity Stream 4 .

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