Create a task

It is very easy. In the left-hand pane, click on the folder in which you want to create a task. Then simply click on the "+" ("Create new task") button above 1 . The new task opens in the right-hand pane of your workspace. Type the name of your task 2 and hit "Enter". After this, the task will be saved and appear in the list in the middle pane of your workspace. You can then specify the task parameters: assign it, schedule it, set its status, share it, etc. and turn the task into a milestone or a backlogged task (types of tasks with different date structure).

Whenever you need to create a list of tasks without extra clicks, just hover your mouse in the task list pane and choose “+ New task” 3 . Once you input the task title and hit “Enter”, the task will be saved and a new one will be instantly created with a cursor ready to type in the next title of the task. Tasks created this way will be backlogged by default.  


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