Backlogged tasks

If you have a task with no deadline or an idea that you want to keep stored in Wrike, you can mark it as "Backlogged" by clicking on the "Set date" link and choosing that category from the date picker menu 1 . Backlogged tasks have no start date and no due date; they are not tied to the timeline and not visible on it. However, you can add a time estimate for completion of these tasks 2 .

With the backlog feature, you take the load of too many things to remember off your brain. Wrike takes care of them and remembers them for you. You and your team members can store and prioritize the items in your workflow, gaining a clearer sense of what to focus on while moving toward your goals.


Backlogged tasks are shown on a separate widget of the dashboard, so that you have a clear overview of them and don't miss any item in the workflow. Wrike doesn't include backlogged tasks in the daily to-do emails.


To see the tasks marked as backlogged in a certain folder, first choose the folder in the left panel 1 and then click on the Advanced Filters button 2 to the right of the task list. This allows you to set up your filter section to have all the needed tasks at hand. 

For backlogged tasks just make sure that you have “Task Type” 3 and “Backlogged Tasks” 4 checked.  By default, backlogged tasks are shown sorted by priority 5 . You can easily rank your tasks by priority using drag-and-drop. As simple to implement as it sounds, this feature is a powerful tool that will help you to turn a long, messy list of unsorted tasks and ideas into a valid, agile plan. You can change the sorting order whenever your priorities change.

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