Assign a task

Choose the names of people to whom you want to assign a task, using the drop-down menu. Or you can type the first letters of the name, and Wrike will suggest an appropriate list of people. You can assign the task to as many people as you need. If the right name is not in the drop-down menu, you can invite that person to join Wrike and grant him or her a license. Read more about how to invite a user to Wrike.

When you create a task and assign it to a person, this person receives an automatic email notification. When the start date of the task comes, Wrike will remind the assignee about the task by including it in the interactive, daily to-do email list and by showing the task on his/her Dashboard. If the task is overdue, Wrike also will remind the responsible team member about it. Last, but not least, if somebody changes a task that you created, you will get an email notification about the change. The task changes history is shown in the comments under the task description.



  • Who can observe my tasks?

    Your workspace is protected with a password.
    If you want anyone to have access to your tasks, you can share the tasks or assign them to those people. The people who have access to a task can edit its properties, such as the description, status and uploaded files. When anyone makes a change, others are notified about it via email and the activity stream.
    Please note that if you share a folder with someone, that person gets access to the tasks from this folder and its subfolders as well.

  • Who can change the status of the task?

    The author of the task, people to whom the task is assigned and people with whom the task is shared can change the status of the task. Once you've shared a task with somebody, he or she gets access to it and can edit its properties.
    You both see and work on one shared task, not on replicas. Once your peer changes something, it is automatically updated in your workspace as well. You do not have to reload the browser to see that update.
    If someone makes changes to the task that is assigned to you, a task you commented on or a task that you chose to follow, you get notified about the changes in the activity stream and by email.

  • Once a task is marked completed, where does it go?

    By default, only active tasks are displayed, so you can focus on the things that need to be done. However, you can easily see your completed, deferred and cancelled tasks by adjusting your filtering settings.

  • How can I mark a task completed without logging on to

    Every day, you and all the members of your team get interactive to-do lists that show your priorities for the day, your overdue items and even overdue tasks that you assigned to other people. You can mark a task "completed" with one click, directly in Wrike's email by hitting the "mark completed" button.

  • I added users to my account. However, they do not see my folders and task hierarchy. What should I do?

    Other people can see your plans in Wrike only if you have shared your tasks and folders with them. This allows you to manage multiple projects in your Wrike account and control other people's access to your plans. Please note that once you share a folder with someone, this person gets access to all underlying tasks and subfolders as well. This helps you to keep your team on the same page with you and automatically notify them about the updates in the plan.

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