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Andrew Filev , Friday, October 10, 2008
I was invited to write for the influential Cutter IT Journal a few months ago. I composed an article on the benefits of executing project management the 2.0 way. You will be able to find the full text on Cutter's site. My article, “Discovering the Benefits of Project Management 2.0,” was then republished in a larger Cutter Consortium report, titled “Next Practices in Modern Project Management: Supporting Communication, Collaboration and Collective Intelligence.”

Now I'm working on a series of smaller articles for Cutter E-mail Advisor.  These are aimed to help readers explore the emerging project management 2.0 tend in detail and from different angles. What questions do you think I should cover  first? Feel free to comment on this post. I'll appreciate your opinion and advice.
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Andrew Filev

Andrew Filev is an experienced project manager and a successful entrepreneur. He has been managing software teams since 2001 with the help of new-generation collaboration and management applications. The Project Management 2.0 blog reflects his views on changes going on in contemporary project management, thanks to the influence of collaborative web-based technologies. More >>

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